Hey, y’all. I’m Kimberly. Thanks for dropping in. If this is your first time here, welcome! You’re in the right spot to learn more about Kimberly C. Starr (that’s me!). That or you’re lost, and that’s cool, too. 😉 Either way, I hope you stick around, read some cool stuff written by this awesome ginger you just met, and share some laughs.

About Kimberly C. Starr

Kimberly C. Starr is a writer, a ginger, an ER nurse without a night shift, a wife, and a mom to four. She writes about all of the things because humor really is the best medicine.

Don’t worry… I don’t usually refer to myself in the third person. But darn it if those headings don’t make things easier to read, so I use ’em anyway!

In any case, here’s 10 fun facts to help you get to know me better:

  1. I’m a ginger, a nurse, a mom, a blogger, an entrepreneur, and a whole lotta other things. Basically, I don’t like sitting still unless I’m reading or too exhausted to do otherwise.
  2. I’m a Christian and a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
  3. I’m married to the perfect guy for me… but I don’t talk too much about him on here because I try to respect his introverted-ness and privacy and stuff.
  4. We’ve got 4 amazing kids – 3 boys and our youngest is a little girl. She’s equal parts spoiled, protected, and able to hold her own with her rowdy, snuggly brothers.
  5. I’m from Arizona. You’d think I’d be tanner, but… I’m a ginger.
  6. I love watching British shows, which is probably why I refer to myself as a “ginger” rather than a “redhead”. Well, that and my head isn’t red. It’s pasty-pale white… because I’m a ginger.
  7. I’ve got two brothers with the same first name… for reals. You see, I’m from a yours-mine-and-ours family, so I’ve got 5 amazing siblings.
  8. I worked for almost 8 years as a pediatric trauma nurse in a Level 1 Trauma Center Emergency Department. Best job ever! It was great training for having 4 kids. And yes, I miss it.
  9. I’m an avid reader and 85% of the time that my kids think I’m on Facebook or Instagram, I’m actually reading a new novel. Sometimes that novel just happens to be someone’s status update…
  10. My life philosophy comes from Finding Nemo: “Just keep swimming.” Life isn’t always easy, but with good friends, good family, an inhaler, and a good therapist, I can keep going. And so can you.

Again, I’m so glad you’re here.

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