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an image of thermal features at Yellowstone National Park

What's Going On?

Hey, friends!

You may have noticed that the content on this site disappeared. I unpublished it all. Yes, on purpose.

This site's content is under contract with Ezoic until December 9th. However, I no longer wish to be associated with them. They repeatedly changed my account (and contract) settings without my permission.

After repeated attempts to discuss my issues with them, they insist they cannot see any problems and say that they want to see this partnership flourish.

I cannot work with any company that: A. violates their stated values, B. violates my values, and C. ignores feedback and/or good faith efforts at communication.

So, I am being maliciously compliant with the contract, as Ezoic is the only party who can terminate it. As such, the content is unpublished.

I'm still here - and publishing elsewhere. Feel free to connect with me via social media or my other sites.