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One of my favorite things about writing is its permanence and how it touches so many of us. Think back to the last thing you remember reading. Why do you remember it? I’d guess that it touched you, maybe even pulled on a few heartstrings. Those are some of the best articles, stories, and ads, don’t you agree?

Writing connects us all through stories

Now, writing encompasses so many genres, types, and niches that it’s crazy to think about counting them all. That being said, let’s cover a few of my favorite types of writing.

Heartfelt essays and personal stories

Most of my essays are published on other sites, then republished here. For a complete list of those, please refer to my Featured Writing.

All about Copywriting and Marketing

Writing about Writing

Behind the Scenes of Writing Online: SEO

Writing has always been a passion of mine. And here are some of my favorite quotes on the topic:

Words build us through stories, lessons, and language. That’s why I love the written word. And since you’re here, it looks like we’re both in good company.

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