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I’m just old enough to still have memories of that awful, ear-screeching noise otherwise known as dial-up internet. So I ought to remember when blogging became a big thing. Instead, it was more like a rainstorm in my native Arizona. You feel a few raindrops, realize that there’s a storm, and then watch it blow past with its precious water still thousands of feet above you. But you’re not fooled. We both know what comes next: the flash flood.

That’s how blogging seems to have been to me, anyway. And it’s been a beautiful, albeit crazy, journey ever since.

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Blogging – Behind the Scenes Info

Blogging is a part of how the world has evolved in how we communicate with each other. Blogs are where we turn to for answers – or at least they’re what Google references for us when it gives us an answer. And they’re where we can go to connect while we hide from the strangers who live next door.

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