Why I Can’t Buy Those New Flip-Flops I Love

I have a confession. I severely dislike shopping. Don’t get me wrong. With the right company and a list, I can enjoy it for about fifteen minutes. After that? I’m ready to call it quits no matter what the status of said list is. Especially if any of my kids are hungry because then it morphs into a hanger.

Don’t worry: food is kind of an exception. Because, well, food is yummy. And most food places tend to have samples of some sort. Or at least that free fruit stand of awesomeness that my kids love.

Anyway, back before Amazon Prime was my saving grace, I had to go to actual shoe stores to buy shoes. And, in this particular instance, I went with two of my sisters, my mother, and my grandmother.

As I saw a super cute pair of flip-flops, I thought about buying them. So I called over the troops to get their opinions. My mom and grandma were the first to arrive.

What a cute pair of flip-flops!

Their reactions proved priceless.

My mom: “Ooh, what a cute pair of wedgies!”

My grandmother: “Ooh, look at those cute thongs!”

Y’all, I about died laughing. And no, I couldn’t bring myself to buy any shoes that day, let alone that amazing pair of flip-flops.

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