Summer Chores To Help Kids Understand Responsibility

mother and daughter wearing gloves and holding cleaner and rags as they do summer chores

Summer is a great time to introduce your kids to new responsibilities and chores. With the beautiful weather, there are so many ways to get them out of the house and working on new projects! Kids might even be asking to do things like mow lawns or sell lemonade to earn money, right? Here is a small list of summer chores to help kids understand responsibility better – and even help them make some extra cash. That’s a parenting win, y’all.

Summer Chores Kids Can Actually Do

Now, while it might be nice to daydream about handing over all the chores to your kids, let’s be real: that’s not going to happen. Because while it makes for a nice fantasy, the truth is that your kids are only going to learn to do things that they see being done.

In other words, these need to be things that you’re doing – and can teach them to do. They also need to be things that need to be done – and aren’t just being made up to keep kids busy. But as long as these things need to be done and you can teach them how to do it, let’s talk summer chores the kids can actually do.

Have Kids Wear Swimsuits and Water the Flowers or the Garden:

Watering flowers or the garden is an easy chore to start with for the younger kids. It gives them a chance to get outside every day and also gives them a chore that needs to be done on a routine basis. This is a great way to help kids understand responsibility while they are young. You can remind them that plants need to drink, just like they do!

Plus, if your kids are like mine – they love pouring water everywhere. But hey – the garden and flowers will get watered. As will the sidewalks and everything else.

Get Your Dance Groove on While Weeding the Garden:

Weeding the garden could go along with watering, but I think pulling weeds might be better for kids that are a little older.

I mean, you wouldn’t want your preschooler out there pulling up all of your tomato plants thinking they are weeds. Or stripping flower petals off the flowers – because it’s pretty when the wind blows it around the yard.

In any case, you’re going to need to have the “weeds are plants you don’t want right there” talk with your kids- and maybe even have a quick gardening lesson with them.

Older kids will get a sense of responsibility from garden tending, and perhaps even a sense of pride when they get to pick the fruits of their labor and watch their family enjoy them.

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And if you hand them this easier-way-to-weed scuffle hoe on Amazon? Tell them it’s just like they’re one of those corner-dancing, sign-holding employees. Dance and weed, baby.

Play Pretend Farmer Feeding the Animals:

Do you have pets or small animals like chickens? Feeding animals is a great way to build routines and is one of those great chores to help kids understand responsibility.

After all, every living thing needs to eat and that includes our animals. We’ve got a dog, a new kitten, and 6 chickens to feed. And our kids love it when it’s their turn to feed the animals.

This would be a great job for kids of any age! For smaller kids, a little checklist or sticker chart may help them remember until it becomes routine.

Tell them they get bonus points towards their favorite chocolate chip cookies if they dress up like a farmer.

Take a Chill Pill and Let Your Kids Help You:

Okay, so it’ll make whatever chore you’re doing a lot slower. But letting your kids help you clean windows or bathrooms or dishes will do one important thing. It’ll teach them how to do it!

Just make sure you keep these quick and easy deep breathing and relaxation techniques handy – so you can survive chore time!

That way, they’ll be able to do it on their own after a time or six of learning how to do it properly.

So it’ll take longer now – but then you can delegate it in the future. Totally worth it as your kids can take over vacuuming, for example!

If They Mow it, They’ll Be Too Wiped Out to Complain

Mowing the lawn is a chore for older kids, but it is still a great chore for teaching kids about hard work and responsibility.

It will show them that owning a piece of land takes work and that it needs to be maintained. It also teaches them that a little bit of hard work never hurt anybody!

Just be sure that they’re old enough and mature enough to handle the mower safely.

If They Build a Lemonade Stand, They Might Actually Stay Outside for 15 Minutes:

Lemonade stands are fun for kids of all ages, teach kids responsibility and the value of hard work and money.

I suggest that they learn about the importance of donating to charity, saving and spending, when earning money with a lemonade stand. I generally use the 20, 30, 50 rule. You save 20%, donate 30% and you get to spend 50% – after you pay your parents back for the start-up costs, of course!

And hey – they might even last 15 minutes outside in the heat!

These are all great ideas for summers to help kids understand the responsibility and also, to get them in the routine of helping out, which is always a plus in every parent’s book!

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