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My kids have always been such poor sleepers for their first year of life that it’s made me grateful they only came one at a time. I have a lot of empathy for you twin and multiple moms who are dealing with sleep training twins (and parenting!) while sleep deprived. You are all amazing. And, in order to help all y’all get better sleep, I’ve asked all of my twin mom friends for the best twins sleep, sleep regression, and sleep training advice they’ve got to offer.

Sleep Training Twins

Of all of the advice that my friends provided me, a clear theme emerged. It’s that no matter which sleep-training program they picked, consistency and time were both keys. In other words, it’s a lot like sleep training a single baby. It takes time and resources – and a lot of work. But, you’ve also got two babies to work with at once, so I wish you all of the luck!

Oh, and one other theme emerged – do what’s right for your twins! Some of my friends found that they had to separate their twins into different beds – or bedrooms! Others had to keep them together. Some have bedtimes later in the evening. Some have earlier bedtimes.

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And some listed specific bedtime sleep triggers that help their twins get better sleep. Some of those sleep aids include:

Remember that there’s no wrong answer – there’s just what works for your twins and what doesn’t. So if you find something that doesn’t work, you’re that much closer to finding what will work.

More Advice from Twin Moms for Surviving Sleep Training and Sleep Regressions

My amazing twin mom friends gave some other great advice I wanted to share with y’all. Some of it is specific to dealing with a sleep regression, while the rest of it is just solid parenting advice!

“I would say to make sure that you have a ritual for sleepy time so they know when it’s time to go to bed. One of my boys requires toys and blankets in his crib and he falls asleep literally underneath a pile of stuff while the other wants nothing inside his crib. So whatever they need to get themselves comfy…. They wear footy pajamas because if they don’t they take off their pants and diapers and we end up having pee and poop everywhere haha. Hope this helps!”

I mean, footy pajamas are just a lifesaver for all kids. Because who wants to wake up to a poopy Picasso on the wall?

“Oh, and the more physical they were during the day the better they slept. If they woke up I would address the concerns and minimizing any stimulation/uptime as much as possible. But nothing was ever the cure-all I really really wanted.”

In other words, there’s no “magic” fix. It’s hard work. But wearing your kids out each day with a lot of physical play does help a ton! And if your twins do wake up in the middle of the night, keep it boring and dark. They’ll soon learn that nighttime is for sleeping. My singleton kids had to learn that same lesson.

“It is about a schedule of feed, sleep and play time. I noticed they slept through the night by having only certain hours of nap time and play time.“

Routines are key, y’all. I know not everyone can stick to an exact schedule, but it helps so many kids. If you can try a routine, go for it! If not, keep doing the best you can in your circumstances. It’ll take longer, but a full night’s sleep will still happen one day.

You Can Do This! So Hang in There, Friends

Sleep training and surviving sleep regressions are hard work. But you can do it! My friends are rooting for you – and have some final words of encouragement.

“It’s a process for sure that takes a lot of time and effort in the beginning.”

Just like sleep training any child, it takes time and effort. And it will get better – eventually.

“Sorry we struggle a lot, I think my work schedule doesn’t help.”

Remember that everyone’s circumstances are different. This particular friend works nights in a hospital. She’s an amazing woman – and she’s doing the best she can to balance work and mom life.

“I have so many tips! But mostly, I have an eBook that changed my LIFE! It’s called Sleep Sense… I’ve sent it to other twin moms!”

I’ve read the Sleep Sense eBook – and it’s one of the two sleep books that I highly recommend. In fact, if you need more help than just an eBook, I highly recommend you check out the entire Sleep Sense Program because its video library is amazingly helpful!

In any case, I’m going to give you a complete list of all of the sleep books and programs that my twin mom friends have recommended. So, when you’re ready, scroll on down and check out the complete resource list.

Because y’all deserve a full night’s sleep. So let’s make it happen, shall we?

More on Sleep Training Twins:

Next, as promised, is the complete resource list – as recommended to me by all of my favorite twin moms!

Sleep Resources Recommended by Moms of Twins

Ready for the resources? Let’s do this. Oh, but to make things easier, I’ve created an Amazon resource list with all of these products and books in one place. Feel free to browse them there – or just check out items individually!

Without further ado, let’s dive into the recommended books.

Best Sleep Training Books for Twins

Sleep Training Programs That My Friends with Twins Love

  • Most twin moms agreed that the Sleep Sense Program was life changing! I’ve read it and I love it – and you can either get it via just the eBook (see above) OR you can upgrade and get the entire Sleep Sense program – customizable with videos, phone calls, coaching, and more!
  • I haven’t used this course, but a couple of twin moms highly recommended following the Taking Cara Babies program.

The Top Sleep Products for Twins

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