The Best Sleep Regression Survival Tips and Tricks

the best sleep regression survival tips for tired parents who need sleep now

Chocolate and sleep. Right now, those are the two things I want most of all. Because being exhausted due to sleep regressions isn’t any fun. Yay… /yawn.

This isn’t our first time experiencing the “joys” of surviving a sleep regression. With 4 children, we’ve been around the block a few times. Even so, each of our children’s sleep regressions has hints of individuality to it. So it’s still good practice to review (or learn, if this is your first kiddo!) how to survive a sleep regression, no matter the age.

The 2 Most Common Sleep Regression Survival Tips:

So there are two main ways to survive a sleep regression:

  1. Survive it by any means possible and hope things get better.
  2. Sleep train your way out of it ASAP.

I’ll give you a hint: sleep regression survival tips option 1 is a very common plan of action. It’s the one we took with our first child. But it also doesn’t work very well in the long run – at least, it didn’t for us. In fact, things got worse. Much worse.

So if you want to get back to sleeping through the night and your child isn’t currently doing that, you’re going to need to sleep train them.

All that means is this:

Sleep training your children means gently teaching them to get an adequate amount of restful sleep so they can lead happier, more fulfilling lives.

That’s it. Now, there are several different sleep training methods you can choose from to make that happen. And if you’d like to read about the various sleep training methods or get help in making your own personalized sleep training plan, there you go.

Take some time for self-care

Now, as you’re surviving a sleep regression, you’re going to feel overwhelmed. You’re going to feel exhausted and like you can’t do this. Those are totally normal feelings!

So during each day (or maybe several times each day), take a few minutes to practice some self-care for sleep-deprived moms.

Then, make sure that you add mom self-care to your regular, hectic schedule. Because you need the rest, reflection, and reserves to keep going.

Need some more mom self-care? Join my free Sleep Training Support Group on Facebook – and get all sorts of great support and encouragement from moms just like us.

Then get back to sleep training your way out of this latest sleep regression!

Once you’ve taken a few minutes to recover, it’s time to get back to sleep training your way out of this sleep regression.

Because as much as I wish that wishing a problem away worked? It doesn’t. So it’s dust off your sleep training plan, get back to strict bedtime routines, and get back to a better night’s sleep for everyone.

Oh – and don’t forget the best sleep regression survival tips of all time: move bedtime up by 15-30 minutes. Really. Your overtired baby will love it – in a few days when they’re better rested!

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