Quick and Easy Self-Care for Sleep-Deprived Moms

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When you become a mom, it is easy to forget about yourself. I mean, let’s face it. Parenting is hard! There are more rough days and sleepless nights than you ever imagined, especially when you think about trying to survive a sleep regression! It’s hard to remember to practice your own self-care – and sometimes you forget about it completely!

So how are you supposed to practice self-care when you can’t even get a good night’s rest?! Because if you don’t, there goes your health and quality of life… But don’t worry, because here are some easy ideas to practice self-care for sleep-deprived moms.

Simple Tips Practice Self-Care for Sleep-Deprived Moms

I’m sure, by this point, you are sick of hearing all of the cliche advice that ALL tired moms hear, over and over again, so I’m not even going to type them. They are already running through your mind anyway and you are probably rolling your eyes, right about, NOW! Gotcha!

Start with the main issue: sleep. Or at least meditate and rest.

Sleep can be your best friend or your worst enemy and sometimes, it can be both simultaneously! Of course, we all WANT to sleep, that’s not the real issue. The real issue is allowing yourself to sleep. When you put the baby down, FORGET about the things you think NEED to be done.

They can wait for a few more minutes. Your self-care cannot.

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Seriously, grab that baby monitor, get cozy, and rest (or meditate with these relaxation techniques) for a few minutes. All of those other things, they’ll be there, waiting, when you are done. Also, if someone offers you a chance to nap, for the love of The Sandman, take the darn nap!

If it helps (and it will), turn on a white noise machine so that all of your cute baby’s little noises won’t stress you out, making you wonder if that cute coo was a cry for help. Hint: it wasn’t.

Make your morning routine a little more about you.

Do you get up before the kids? Do you stay in bed as long as you can? How do you start your day? I’m going to let you in on a little secret that totally works, but you are going to think is insane! Ready? Set your alarm for AT LEAST 10 minutes before anyone else has to or will be getting up.

Make your morning drink of choice (whether it’s coffee, tea, a smoothie, or my favorite protein shake, etc) and put an energizing essential oil blend in your diffuser. Relax, on your own time, before anyone else is up. Mom Tip: If the sun is rising or if it is already up, you should be watching it or basking in it’s glow, because vitamin D is good stuff!

They say it takes a village. Use the village.

Well, sometimes, that village is few and far in between. Your village might be two people, or even just you. But if you have a village you can use, use it.

Whatever the case may be, practicing self-care for sleep-deprived moms is super essential and important. Moms, you can’t fill everyone else’s cups if yours is empty. You need to take advantage of every “Me Moment” that you can.

Take that extra long bubble bath. Say yes if grandma and grandpa want to take the kids. Go out and get your hair done, even if it means hiring a babysitter. Let your friends and family help if they offer! And don’t feel bad or guilty for it, because remember, parenting is really HARD!

5 “Me Moments” to Survive a Rough Day When Time is Limited:

Here are a few things that you can experience, in five minutes or less, that will improve your day!

  1. One Minute Gratitude Journal
  2. Quick Daily Affirmations
  3. Mindfully Put On stress-relieving Lavender Lotion (think about how the lotion feels and smells, be present in that moment)
  4. Sit Down On The Floor and Stretch – bonus points if you can do so while doing these easy relaxation techniques!
  5. Give yourself a quick massage or facial

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