How to Come to Peace With The Different Seasons Of Life

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For everything, there is a season. Sounds familiar, right? Where we live, we’ve got 4 seasons that we go through without fail each and every year. Winter (brrr), Summer (so hot!), Spring (flowers!) and Fall (s’mores anyone?). Okay, so some are shorter than the others. Even so, each season is beautiful and interesting in its own way. But without fail…the seasons of life change.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about this and how interesting it is. And it occurred to me that moms have a hand in everything… right? I mean, as moms, we love and change with our children – just as mother nature does with the seasons. Boom. Just like that, everything in life comes full circle.

And as part of that circle of life (cue the singing lions), let’s talk about the seasons in each of our lives. More importantly, let’s talk about coming to peace with the different seasons in life as we go through this parenting gig.

Coming to Peace With The Different Seasons Of Life

Just as the weather and nature changes, so do our lives. And I don’t mean that in a soap opera-y intro kind of sense. Instead, think of your life in four different seasons – seasons that come and go and rotate and jump all over the place. Some days it may even be kind of like those special weather days here in Utah – where the weather manages to hit all four seasons in one fell swoop.

Season of Coldness

Winter is coming. If that was your first thought, then maybe you’ve been watching a certain TV show. That or you’re legitimately thinking of winter because winter is definitely a season of coldness.

But sometimes, your personal life may go through a season of coldness as well. You may find that you feel alone, neglected, or downright forgotten at times. It may not take away the pain knowing that everyone goes through these thoughts and emotions at one point in time or another. But when I’m feeling alone and I remember that fact, it does help me feel a little bit better.

Coming to peace with this season is difficult but doable. During times of coldness and doubt, remember that you’re truly never alone.

You have your faith, your friends and family who love you, and your self-love that can get you through any and all trying times and hurdles. Just because this season may be difficult doesn’t mean that it’s one that should weigh you down. Things will get better one day. After all… at the end of every winter is a beautiful, muddy spring.

Season of Sunshine

Laughter and happiness are what we all strive for and want in our everyday lives, right? It’s fun to be happy – and more fun to share that happiness with those you love. When the season of sunshine arrives in your life, embrace it. Soak it up, “sunbathe” in it, if you will. Enjoy each and every moment!

This season won’t last forever, and that’s okay. So while it’s here, live and love it to the fullest. And once that sun starts to set, remember that like everything in life, it will come back again and brighten many, many, many more days.

Season of Growth

Your season of growth is such an important one, just as is springtime. From growth comes great things – but you have to make certain that you’re nurturing your mind and body in order to allow yourself to grow.

For example, in my garden every year I have to prepare both the soil and the plants each spring. For my raspberries (that I use in my amazing homemade raspberry jam recipe) that means pruning the plants – cutting back the dead parts and even digging up some of the shoots. It’s not to hurt the plant; rather, it’s to give it the space it needs to reach its full potential.

It’s the same way with ourselves – we have to give ourselves the room and ability to grow. Often that means saying no to some things – so that we have the room for others. Or maybe it means eating better and exercising – if that’s something that you’re working on. There are so many amazing things to learn and do in this life!

You can grow in your faith, spiritually, family life… anything. The sky’s the limit in what you can learn!

What’s the most important to come to peace with during the season of growth is that you may experience a few growing pains along the way. That’s completely normal! Growth is good – it means that you’re wanting and willing to move forward in becoming the best you that you possibly can.

Season of Relaxation

While planning is good, not every moment of your life has to be planned out perfectly. A little bit shocking, I know. In fact, overplanning is something that affects too many of us. We think that we have to always be doing something. We equate being constantly busy with productivity. Only, that’s not true.

You see, it’s okay to do nothing sometimes. The season of relaxation is meant for those moments when you don’t have to be anywhere or you don’t need to be doing anything.

Your main goal during the season of relaxation is to find peace in just “being”. It may be hard at first (especially if you like being busy like I do), but once your mind adjusts, you’ll love the slower tempo and pace. This is part of practicing mindfulness – and it’s a great way to recharge both mind and soul for the busier seasons of life.

Enjoy Each Season in Life

Our lives are beautiful gifts that we’re fortunate to have. By shifting our thinking of life into terms of different seasons, it allows our brains to break down the segments and process different emotions and thoughts. It lets us enjoy each moment more fully – and allows us the time to process events and emotions.

In other words, it’s time to let yourself think of life as a series of seasons that flow one right after the other. Get rid of the old idea of spring equalling youth and winter being old age. Let yourself enjoy each season – and know that each season will come and go and return again.

The sooner that you can allow yourself to experience the different seasons of life (and come to peace with them) the quicker you’ll find that you’re stepping back and truly enjoying all that life can offer!

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