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Parenting is equal parts tough, amazing, exhausting, rewarding, and about a billion other emotions added in for good measure. And because we don’t get magical unicorn parenting powers when we become parents, it’s easy to get lost or frustrated. There’s no definitive parenting book or method. Instead, it’s using those as guidelines, working with your kids and your family, and trying to figure things out as you go. So here I’m sharing the parenting advice, tips, tricks, and guidelines that have worked for our family. May we all find parenting success together!

Popular parenting articles:

Sometimes, we know we need something – but we aren’t sure what that is. We just know that we’ll know what it is when we see it. Maybe. In any case, here are the top-read and most-shared parenting articles to get those creative juices unstuck from the countertops.

Kid’s Activities

The Play Pretend Doctor Printable Your Kids Will Love

4 Quick and Easy Active Crafts for Children

Activities for Families

Got summertime boredom going strong? Here are The Best Summer Activities for Kids That Say They’re Bored.

Tired of being hot? Don’t suffer through the heat – or pay tons of money to stay cool. Try these Budget-Friendly, Easy Ways To Cool Your Kids Down (and join in so you stay cool, too!)

Ready to add some art to your schedule? Try these amazing Fun Outdoor Art Projects To Do With Your Kids – and keep the mess of art outside while letting your kids indulge in all the mess they want!

Need some ideas for chores for this summer? These summer chores can help cure the “I’m bored!” -itis that plagues so many kids. Plus, you can use them to teach responsibility and/or let your kids earn some extra spending money.

Are you looking for some fun summer ideas for your family? Here are The Best Summer Activities That You Can do as a Family!

Or perhaps you’re wanting fall activities? Here are Fabulous Fall Activities For Families


Awesome Ways to Fill an Easter Basket without Candy

Big Family Milestones

Whether you’re expecting your first baby or you’re celebrating someone else’s first baby, a baby shower can be so much fun. Here are The Best Baby Shower Gifts For First Time Parents!

Ready to celebrate birthdays? Here are Fun, Themed Ideas for a Memorable Baby’s 1st Birthday!

Parenting and problem-solving:

Parenting and family health:

Okay, so health is kind of a big topic! It’s so big (and I’ve written so much on it!) that I had to make a new page – just so I could organize it. Otherwise, you’d get lost trying to find your answer.

Health Resources, Tips, and Pointers from an ER Nurse

Wondering how you can help your family eat better? Here’s The Easy Way to Make Healthy Homemade Baby Food.

Inspirational parenting:

Parenting humor:

Parenting advice and resources:

Parent’s favorite time of day: NAPS and BEDTIME

Parenting through sleep regressions and sleep disturbances:

Whoa – this is a HUGE topic. Huge enough that I’ve actually gotten a couple of pages made for you, based on what kind of sleep problems you’re dealing with.

Parenting is a huge topic. I think part of that is because we’re all afraid that we’re messing it up. But here’s the thing… as long as we keep trying our best – and keep moving forward – then the Lord’s grace will be sufficient to cover the rest. Will our kids still need therapy? Probably. But they’ll also know that they’re loved, safe, and on the right path to becoming functional, loving, and capable adults. So hang in there, friend. We’re not alone – and we’ve got help and support on our side.

Related Topics:

Sometimes you just need some deeper, more involved answers to parenting questions. That’s legit – I’ve been there. So here are some more parenting resources that I and other readers have found useful.

Do you have a specific question or concern that hasn’t been addressed yet? Be sure to let me know what it is by commenting below (or contact Kimberly C. Starr directly) and I’ll try to find you some answers.

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