What You Need to Know About Painting Your Deck

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How many times have you caught yourself staring out at your deck or patio and wondering what you can do to spruce it up? You aren’t alone, trust me. There are millions of others around the world who are probably thinking the same thing 

Finding the best options for painting your deck (or patio) in your home and garden doesn’t have to be hard! There is always a way to be creative and make it happen!

Painting Your Deck Can Be Fun

In fact, here’s a little secret. Painting your deck isn’t really that hard of a task at all. In fact, it’s quite possible that you can tackle it in a day and be done before you know it. My tip? Call up some family and friends, offer up some snacks and dinner, and get them to come over and help! It’s always more fun painting with friends, right?

The great part about deciding what to do with your deck? You get to decide! If you can dream it up, you can make it happen. You hold the key to creating a wacky or calm update to your patio space, with ease. 

Just think about how your updates and changes could really spruce up the outside decor! If you’re looking for some amazing ideas, here are some of the best options for painting your deck.

Absolutely The Best Options For Painting Your Deck 

Just think about how painting or updating your outdoor space will give an instant facelift to your home!

Depending on the age of your outdoor deck, you may have wood, cement or even metal as an option. As you can see from this example, painting the metal area of your patio is actually quite simple! Choose a color that can survive in the weather or make certain that you use outdoor paint that is waterproof as well. Your goal to repainting your deck? To find a paint that will last for several years without having to be redone. 

  • Choose a dark paint color to make the ambiance feel warm and cozy

People tend to shy away from darker colors because they feel as though they make an area cramped. But when dealing with outdoors, darker colors work! Grays and dark blues can actually make an outdoor space feel warm, welcoming and inviting.

Sometimes, when you want to paint your deck, you then decide to just go ahead and update the entire outdoor space as well. And guess what? That’s okay! Why says that one household DIY project shouldn’t lead into another? Once you start working on one area in your outdoor space, take a step back and see what else you can do. After all, when you paint and update your deck rails and awning, you know that you need to make certain that landscaping is set up in a way that it frames everything accordingly, right? 

  • Understand that nothing is permanent

While paint may seem like it’ll last forever, it won’t. You can remove it or paint over it at a later point in time. This is one thing to keep in mind just in case you feel like you have to make a decision that will last forever. Don’t worry…it doesn’t have to! 

I get it…sometimes we stain the deck and then realize several years later that it wasn’t the right call. We’ve all made those decisions before in life at some point in time. But then what? Fixing or painting over a stained deck isn’t actually all that difficult. 

All you need to really worry about is making certain it’s clean, sanded and ready to be painted and you’ll be well on your way. Again, it’s highly important to find paint that is made for the outdoors and can withstand the elements of mother nature. (and don’t forget to enlist your helpers as well!)

Surprise, surprise but even concrete can be painted! (and it’s actually pretty simple to do!) All you need is some paint and a bit of time, and your outdoor patio space can take on a whole new look! 

Your outdoor space should be relaxing and calm, right? With a little bit of paint and creativity, you can make that happen easily. Painting and stenciling is the perfect combination for creating an outdoor area that you’ll love. 

When trying to decide on the best options for painting your deck, just remember that ultimately, do whatever makes you happy. If you like bright colors, paint it bright. However, if you prefer something a bit more vibrant, that’s fine as well. Any change that you make to paint or update your outdoor patio will be a positive outcome and a step towards a beautiful transformation. 

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