2021 January Writing Report

Image of wooden blocks with numbers at the ground replacing the 0 on 2020 so it says 2021

Long term projects are both a blessing and a curse – a blessing because of all of the rewards. A curse because they can feel like no forward momentum is happening… unless you periodically take a look back to see how far you’ve come in the meantime. Even so, January was a rough month. So … Read more

2020 December Writing Report

image of brown notebook on top of wooden wood with Christmas decors like Santa hat, Christmas balls, small gift box

While most of 2020 had its downs, there were a few highlights – mostly related to writing and family time. So even though I think most of the world would rather forget 2020, let’s at least take a moment to look back at December and see how things went. December’s Quick Statistics Here’s the quick … Read more

2020 November Writing Report

image of notebook at the grass next to the glasses and maple leaves

I can hardly believe that November is over – and so ends another National Novel Writing Month. I’m happy to report that I met my word count goal by almost double. But I’m getting ahead of myself. First, let’s take a look at what went well (and what didn’t go so well) in the month … Read more

Monthly Writing Report for October 2020

image of notebook with 2 pencils and drie maple leaves and pumpkin on the side

While today’s technically November (and part of NaNoWriMo), it’s still time to take a look back over how things unfolded for writing during the month of October. I’ll be counting both blogging writing and fiction writing for NaNoWriMo this year. Because no matter how you slice it, they’re two sides of writing – and even … Read more

Monthly Writing Report for September 2020

Image of blank paper waiting for idea with mans hand and pen

In September, I participated in the Project 24 Content Warrior Challenge – writing 60,000 words of content. It’s a twice-a-year event and it’s a lot of work – it’s like NaNoWriMo, but it’s for blogs and articles rather than a novel. Even so, it’s a lot of daily, dedicated work – and they’re awesome. So … Read more

Monthly Writing Report for August 2020

Image is showing proofreading using red pencil

Time flies when you’re having fun writing! It’s time to take a step back and see how things are going. Why keep track of the work being done? Well, it helps me stay motivated – and to see the small, imperceptible from day to day changes that are quite large when you look back at … Read more

Monthly Writing Report for June 2020

image of notebook and pen with books on top of light blue wooden table

Keeping track of my writing isn’t just an accountability thing. It also helps me see my progress to help me stay motivated. And since July 11th marks my 1-year anniversary with the Income School Project 24 (where it takes 24 months to reach a full-time income blogging), I figured it was time to really analyze … Read more

Online Library Introduction

image of notebook flipped on half with a flower as a bookmark at the grass

Today’s the first day of the online library – and I’m equal parts excited, terrified, and nervous. And because I don’t want to have it totally empty while I’m working out my jitters (so I can actually start some writing exercises to share here), I wanted to start with an introduction. Why do an online … Read more

Deliciously Easy and Updated Scottish Meat Pie Recipe

Image of a freshly backed whole Scottish Meat Pie on a light blue wooded table

Having made lots and lots of meat pies (and gotten lots of feedback from my fellow bakers) means it’s time to update an old recipe – my classic recipe for Scottish meat pies. This delicious, easy Scottish meat pie recipe is an updated version of the traditional recipe. This minced meat pie is packed with … Read more

Simply Delicious Orange Pie Recipe

image of a slice of delicious orange pie with orang garnish

If you’ve ever tried and loved a key lime pie OR you love all things orange, then you’re going to absolutely love this simply delicious orange pie recipe. In fact, it’s one of our family’s favorite recipes – and one that I’ve been getting tons of requests to share our version of this delicacy. Delicious … Read more