New? Start Here.

If you’re new to me and my writing, here’s a handy-dandy primer on where to start.

While I’d love to point you at a mountain of books I’ve written and say, “Start here. This is the first step in a series of grand adventures that will keep your backside utterly glued to the chair – probably even to the point where it’s unsafe,” I don’t yet have a pile of books to give you. I’m so working on them. And that’s ok. Part of this website will chronicle my own adventures as a writer.

So start here – and see what’s available (and piques your interest) in my online library. It’s still small, but it’ll grow fast.

You see, I’ve been “just a blogger” for almost a decade. And while my first hundred thousand words took seemingly forever to write, they came faster and faster as my skill improved. And that’s exactly what will happen here, too. So stay tuned – it’s going to be a wild ride.

Choose Your Own Adventure from the Blog Archives

This website originally started as a blog – and I blogged here about all of the things. Going forward, this website is going to be for my writing – and whatever else that’s related to my writing and books.

Don’t worry – I’ll keep some of my bloggy stuff here. It is, after all, an important part of my journey as a writer. There are some topics that will be covered in more detail (and better formatting) on one of my other sites. I’ll tell you which those are, though, so you’re all good.

Homesteading, Preparedness, and Gardening – All of my best tips, tricks, tutorials, and hacks that will help inspire you to get your home, zombie prep, and garden into tip-top shape – just the way you want it – whether you’re a DIY pro or a beginner. Want more info about home and garden? Great. Head on over to my other site,

Parenting – Parenting is equal parts amazing, exhausting, and everything in-between. It’s all the feels and emotions. These parenting tips, tricks, articles, and more will resonate with you. But more importantly, they’ll remind you that you aren’t alone, that you’ve got this, and you’ve got the support you need to succeed at raising some darn good kids.

Sleep Training and Sleep Regression – These two topics have been so popular that I’ve actually built whole websites about them – and (now part of These websites contain a lot more information – and still have the “fun” anecdotes from when I was sleep deprived.

Writing – What is it about writing that’s so appealing? Well, it’s equal parts therapeutic, entertainment, and a great way to communicate. Especially when your mouth is full of chocolate. I write about all things blogging in addition to my own stories. Yes… I write fiction.

I also share Recipes. I don’t share them often, because I’d rather eat food than write about it. So when I do write about food, it’s because they relate to one of the themes above. For example, they’re either family recipes that I’m sharing with my cousins. Some recipes are in process of transition over to Some will stay here.

Did you get it? Awesome. Oh – and be sure to subscribe to my email newsletter. That’s where the real fun is.

Now, if you don’t have a particular topic you’re hankering to read, head on back to the home page and read the latest posts. That or if you have some questions, feel free to contact me.