One Simple Phrase to Brighten Your Day: I love you Mom

Mornings are controlled chaos, as I juggle getting breakfasts made, lunches packed, and kids dressed. And yet as I watch my kids – whether they’re playing, settling down for naps, or begging for another round of “crack the egg” on the trampoline, I realize how much I love this parenting gig. Because even on the craziest of mornings, they can help melt all of the stress away with a single phrase: I love you mom.

“I love you mom” can brighten any day

Even on the simplest of days, there are so many things going on inside of my mom brain…

  • I’m trying to remember if I started another load of laundry – and if I did, did I manage to move it to the dryer? Or is it successfully growing a new species of mold that they’ll let me name?
  • Where is the dog? Did I feed him breakfast? Or did the kids remember to feed him, so I shouldn’t feel bad when he’s begging for more?
  • When is nap time? Will the kids actually nap today?
  • Do the kids have clean clothes? Oh, great. We’re back to wondering about laundry and bacteria.
  • What is that smell?
  • Seriously, everyone wants to eat? Didn’t we just eat? Oh, I guess it has been like 5 hours since your last meal…
  • Wait, where did those hours go? Because I swear we’ve been playing this particular game for twelve hours, but the clock says it’s been 2 minutes, but only if I round up by 30 seconds.
  • Oh, so you want to know where your shoes are? Well, I asked you to put them away but you refused, so they could be anywhere.
  • I’m sorry I lost my temper. Will you forgive me as I keep trying to be a better mom?

Being a mom is exhausting. The mental, emotional, and physical load is almost unbearable some days. And yet…

When my 5-year-old boy climbs into my lap, places his hands on my cheeks, and looks deep into my eyes to tell me how much he loves me, all the worry and stress melts away. Then, as I wrap my arms around him and he snuggles up against me, I remember that it’s all worth it.

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Love makes the hard work, the stress, and the sleepless nights bearable – and slowly transforms our memories.

At least, that’s my current theory. Because the common fondness for looking back at those child-rearing years as “amazing” is either a result of profound, chronic sleep training deprivation – or the result of time, love, and memory getting a little bit squished. Or maybe it’s a little bit of both.

Either way, I’m still in the thick of things. And maybe you are, too. But love makes life much brighter and more bearable, even when things are borderline crazy.

I love you mom.

So, my boy… I might still get upset when you draw on the counter or when you punch your siblings. I might get frustrated when you shriek so loud that my eardrums (and maybe some glass somewhere) practically shatters. And sometimes I might wish you better understood what was going on – what you were doing, the consequences, or how to express yourself.

But I’ll always love you. I’ll always be your mom. And I’ll always try to do better because you’re worth it. And one day, maybe we’ll both look back and laugh on how much love has changed our memories of your antics. Maybe.

As moms, we want so much for our children – but most of all, we want them to know how much they’re loved. And we like to be reminded, too.

I want my kids to be happy, I want them to be prepared, and I want them to be successful. Also, I want them to be grounded, be close to family, have a strong faith in Christ, and be service-oriented. And one day, I want them to have families of their own. But most of all, I want them to know how loved they are.

I’m sure that you’ve got a similar list for your own kids.

And I think that’s why it’s so rewarding when they express their deep, unconditional feelings back to us – because it validates us as moms, as people, and as a family.

I love you mom.

Yes, little one. I love you, too. I’m so blessed to be your mama. You’re my child. Nothing will change that – I’ll love you always. I want so much for my kids, but for today… Today just being their mom is enough. It’s enough, it’s appreciated, and I think I’m going to go cry happy tears now.

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