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I love writing. There’s no one reason why – there are lots of little reasons. And one of those little reasons why is because I have some of the most amazing clients that I write for. I love getting to help them – and I also love getting paid to write! In any case, while I’m writing for my clients, I make sure that each article points prospective leads towards my client’s sales funnel. After all, that’s why they hire a writer: to use writing to attract new leads and customers. Well, another proven way to get new leads is through email marketing. So here are my experiences and thoughts on a premier service that helps you capture new leads: here’s my OptinMonster review.

My Original OptinMonster Review

This was a sponsored post. OptinMonster gave me a full year’s access to their software – I chose not to renew and I have updated this post as to my reasoning. Read my terms and conditions if you have questions about how I manage sponsored posts.

OptinMonster reached out to me via the International Blogger’s Association, where I’m both the Editor of Original Content and the Director of Marketing. Because, you know, having 4 kids and a blog isn’t enough, right? They offered me a free year’s access to their software in exchange for my honest thoughts. I’ve been using the software for a couple of months now, and it’s been a crazy awesome ride.

What OptinMonster does for you

At its core, OptinMonster is customer acquisition and conversion optimization software. Translation: it helps you run targeted campaigns on your website to catch (and keep) better leads.

Using their customer acquisition and conversion optimization software is pretty easy to boot.

There’s no drag-and-drop, but they have everything laid out in a logical, easy-to-follow succession. There’s a good variety of pre-built templates to pick from, too. They’re definitely built with video marketing in mind, though I was able to tweak a simpler, more basic template to fit my needs and branding.

And if you know CSS/HTML well, they have a canvas template that you can 100% customize. It turns out I know enough to tweak themes, but not enough to use that template. Oh well.

Once you’ve got your opt-in form ready to go, it seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics (so you can track those conversions) and the email service provider of your choice. I use MailChimp, and I was amazed at the customizability options. I could integrate on the list, segment, or group level. Whoa!

Where OptinMonster excels

But where OptinMonster blew me away was in its triggers and settings. Y’all, you can customize each popup to only trigger exactly when and where you want it to.

Only want to target returning website visitors who are located in the USA? You got it. What about new visitors who’ve clicked over from a specific referral source? Bam. Done. Cart abandonment? Gotcha covered.

It also handles exit intent, inactivity triggers, and more. In other words, OptinMonster gives you the tools you need to run better-targeted campaigns, giving you better-qualified leads for your sales funnel campaigns.

OptinMonster is VERY responsive to customer service, requests, and inquiries

While I’ve been testing their software, I joined OptinMonster’s exclusive Facebook group for their users. In it, clients ask a wide variety of questions. And, lately, the question on everyone’s mind has been GDPR compliance. And, using feedback in that group, I was astonished that, within a couple of days, OptinMonster added a checkbox functionality to their software. Did that complete all the requirements for GDPR for everyone using their software? Of course not. GDPR is a lot more complex than a single checkbox. But it was a huge help in getting people there.

What OptinMonster CANNOT do

Does that mean OptinMonster can do it all? Um, no. It still hasn’t done my dishes, so that’s a definite strike against it.

OptinMonster doesn’t do a few other things. It’s not an email service provider, so if you don’t have one, using OptinMonster will be a lot more limited and almost pointless.

It also can’t help you get more conversions if you don’t offer a compelling enough reason for people to do so.

Translation: slapping an OptinMonster opt-in bar across the top of your website that says “please subscribe to our newsletter” won’t get you a lot of leads – and it definitely won’t get you a lot of qualified, ready-to-buy-from-you leads.

Summary: Is OptinMonster the right fit for you?

Okay, so OptinMonster is amazing and is a powerhouse tool. That being said, it’s not the right fit for everyone or every budget.

In fact, here’s who it’s NOT for:

  • Beginner bloggers or new businesses with zero budget
  • Businesses or bloggers that aren’t ready to implement email marketing the right way

So if you’re in one of those two groups, OptinMonster isn’t for you… yet. But if you want to get ready for email marketing, affiliate marketing, or email marketing, organic SEO is the easiest, fastest way to do that. And then you’ll be ready to graduate to one of the groups that OptinMonster is for.

So who is OptinMonster for?

  • Bloggers looking to grow their email list – and their affiliate income
  • Businesses looking to make more sales through an established, workable sales funnel

Does that mean OptinMonster is for you? That’s for you to decide. But their 14-day, no-risk money back guarantee makes for an awesome way for you to test them out – and get solid data – so you can make that decision.

A 14-day trial and plans start at $9/month. Well, what do you say? Give OptinMonster a shot now.

My 2019 Update On OptinMonster:

After the first year using OptinMonster, I decided not to renew my subscription. Why? The cost.

OptinMonster costs more than $300 per year – and if you aren’t focusing on a very aggressive email marketing program, then the cost becomes prohibitive.

So do I still recommend OptinMonster?

It can be a great tool for some, but no. I no longer recommend nor use OptinMonster.

That being said, the principles in this article are still totally valid – so get back to work and keep building your traffic and your email list.

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