Fun Outdoor Art Projects To Do With Your Kids

Fun outdoor art projects to do with your kids with kids covered in finger paint

Don’t you love the awesome pictures and art projects that your kids bring home from school? If you’re like me, you may even have thought, “Maybe we could do some art projects this summer?”

And that’s when you remember that those school projects usually include 30 hyper children, paint, and glitter. It’s almost enough to get you to rethink this whole mess, isn’t it? NOPE! Not so fast, cool down. I’ve got some fun outdoor art projects to do with your kids, that will look AWESOME – but leave the mess outside. That’s a parenting win, y’all.

Fun Outdoor Art Projects To Do With Your Kids this Summer

The entire backyard can become an art studio if you let it. Tie an old sheet in between two trees and you’ve got a giant canvas. Cover the shed in poster board or cheap particle board, grab some old sheets, squirt guns, perhaps some tarps and let them go at it!

Stick ‘em up!

For younger kids, fill dollar store squirt guns with washable paint (or with water if you want a fun, easy way to cool your kids down for cheap) and tell they can only play with them in front of an old or cheap sheet! Watch the magic unfold and your kids and that giant canvas gets painted! For older kids, use dye and the sheet will be a tie-dyed masterpiece!

Darts, eh?

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Fill water balloons with various colors of paint and tape them to the top of a long canvas, board, cardboard box, and give the kids turns to hit the balloons with darts! I bet the end result will look awesome!

All the Prints: Footprints, handprints, paw prints, ball prints, hoof prints, any prints.

Paint ’em and walk all over something fun! How cool would it be to have a gate on your property covered in all the print! Pretty cool I think!

Splat Paint:

Get some of those squishy balls people use in pools, dunk them into paint and chuck them at a strong canvas as hard as you can. Every throw will be different and so will every splatter!

Art is fun; art is messy; and if you look hard enough, art is everywhere.

Even right in your own backyard! We should always encourage art and imagination.

We should never shy away from it because it could be messy, simply move it out into your backyard and let it go! Hoses, rain and a little soap and eventually clean the mess away, but the awesome memories of this, will stay with your kids forever! It’s the memories and the fun that really count and matter, isn’t it?

Besides – how cool would all of this homemade art look at a summer BBQ party?

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