The Best Summer Activities That You Can do as a Family

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Summertime and the living’s easy, right? Sure, until the kids start bouncing around the living room screaming, “I’m bored! I’m Bored! I have NOTHING to do!” Yes, it happens as early as the 3rd day of summer vacation. But what can you do when your family insists that they’re bored and have nothing to do?

Luckily, I have a few ideas for fun family summer activities that you can do on any budget! Score another one for parenting friends for the win, right?

The Best Family Summer Activities are Ones You Do Together

I know that it can be hard to get the whole family on the same page, but I think these ideas might help. If not, they may inspire you to come up with your own family activities that suit your family’s personal tastes.

Family Summer Activites for ANY Budget

Look – it can be hard when you’re budgeting. That’s why these activities can be used for any budget.

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Have an outdoor scavenger hunt!

You can even turn it into a full day affair, by letting everyone have a turn as the scavenger hunt master! As the master, they write several clues on index cards or even, colored post-its.

These clues lead to another clue and of course, the final clue leads to the TREASURE! What is the treasure? Totally up to you.

Maybe it’s a refreshing Popsicle snack, a dollar store toy, homemade cookies, etc.

Organize and Run a Yard or Garage Sale.

I know, I know, it sounds like a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be. Think of it as being more kid-centered. They will have fun “being in charge and earning money”, making beautiful signs on poster board and you’ll get them to get rid of some junk.

It’s a win-win. Not only that, it’s an educational opportunity and a financial responsibility opportunity.

Dog Walking!

Believe it or not, this is something you can do, even if you don’t have a dog. Seriously, call up your local humane society or animal rescue and ask if they need dog walkers. They’ll most likely say yes and your whole family will be off on a pack walk. You could even bring a few donations, like dog food, dog beds and dog toys.

Or, sign up to be a dog walker on apps like Rover. Then, go dog walking and get paid for it!

Not a dog person?

Hang with the cats!

Cats get lonely too! You may not be able to walk them but you can pet them, comfort them and maybe you could read them Puss In Boots!

Donations for the cats would be graciously received as well at your local Humane Society. There is always a need for wet and dry cat food, cat beds, and cat toys. Plus, doing a good deed makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

And hey – if you want to sign up for Rover, you could earn money as a kitty sitter.

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