Fabulous Fall Activities For Families

This year seems to be flying by and, yes, people are already planning for fall. Want to know something scarier? Some people are already planning for winter festivities. Well, let’s just sweep that cold weather under the rug and talk about some fabulous and fun fall activities for families!

Beyond The Orchard: Fun Fall Activities for Families

We all know the drill. The leaves fall and we are carting our kids off to every apple orchards and pumpkin patch in the surrounding area! Of course, they are all SUPER fun, but let’s see if we can come up with a few unique fall activity ideas.

You have a ton of apples, don’t you?

I know, I know, the pull of the orchard is a strong one, but now that you have all of these apples, what are you going to do with them? You’re bound to get pretty bored of simply munching apples pretty quick, am I right?

Try some of these with the family:

  • Make old fashioned applesauce with an apple mill. Try different combinations like apple cinnamon, apple brown sugar, apple banana, and apple strawberry!
  • Make Caramel or Candied apples for a fun and tasty treat! Check out this kit, where you can make a multitude of types!
  • Try apple painting! Cut your apples in half, horizontally, and then, cut some in half vertically. Put some washable paint in pie tins and let your kids make their own apple art! These paper rolls are amazing for this activity!

Don’t forget, you can always have apple pie and some hot apple cider!

When fall is all around us.

One of our favorite things to do in the fall is to collect various fall items. Fallen leaves in all the different shapes and colors, different twigs, berries, fall blossoms, and grasses. After that, we bring them home and make a cornucopia. It is quite easy to do. You form the cornucopia horn out of tin foil and then, cover it with twine or brown construction paper. Once it is dry, your kids and glue their fall treasure to the outside of the cornucopia and fill the inside with little slips of paper that say what they are thankful for.

It’s a great Thanksgiving centerpiece and those apple paintings make fantastic conversation pieces for the family get together!

Of course, you can’t pass up on the #1 fall activity to do with your family. If you have to rake up leaves, you simply have to jump in a huge pile of them – at least once! And yes, you too. Not just the kids, all of you! Enjoy a playful fall activity together, as a family.

Kimberly C. Starr

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