Enjoying a Quiet Moment Reading My Favorite Parenting Books

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The sweet, delicious sound of silence is usually reserved for after the kids are in bed. But thanks to a crazy morning of digging imaginary boogers from my 3-year-old’s nose, I needed some quiet this morning. So, I did what any good mom in need of a moment to herself does: she puts the baby down for a nap and allows the older kids some screen time. And me? I’m enjoying a quiet moment with some of my favorite parenting books that have really helped me grow in my parenting.

That and enjoying some chocolate, because I’m going to need some reserves for later. Never you mind the time, dear. Chocolate comes from a bean, so it’s a vegetable and I can eat veggies any time of day I want to, right?

The best parenting books do one of two things

But let’s get back to books because reading makes me happy. Curling up on the couch, snuggled up under a blanket (a can of diet soda precariously perched on the side table), listening to my kids’ Minecraft characters being chased by creepers, and reading a good book makes for a perfect day. No matter what the weather is doing outside.

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And today I’ve got several of my favorite parenting books by me – and I’m reminded that good parenting books do one of two things – or, if they’re even more amazing, they do both.

The first is they remind us that we’re not alone.

Because when we can’t call a friend (because the kids are screaming and we wouldn’t be able to hear over the racket in the background), we can turn to a favorite book and find solace in its pages, whether virtual or real. And right now, this is my favorite mom-you-aren’t-alone-I’m-here-with-you book.

The second thing that great parenting books do is teach you new parenting skills. Because while parenting should be an innate and magical unicorn that appears as we birth our children, it doesn’t.

Some of us don’t know what to do without guidance, direction, or having things spelled out in black and white. That’s why I wish doctors would’ve sent us home with the best parenting how-to book of all time.

Because parenting is hard – and we all need help from our village

Even though my doctors didn’t gift me with that book, at least I’ve got both of these books here with me now on my couch. And while a book isn’t a person per se, there’s a person behind each book. While I read, it’s like I can hear their voice speaking to me, guiding me, and supporting me. It’s my own virtual village – and they’re just as important as the real village outside my front door.

Suddenly I realize that the sounds of pixelated zombies no longer shakes the entire floor. Do I need to get up and see what this new, dangerous silence means? Just as suddenly, the music is back and I tell myself it was just a potty break. I’m probably wrong – and will have quite the mess later to clean up.

But that’s okay because for now, it’s me, my books, and my diet soda curled up under a blanket.

New books I’m reading and love

Now, not too long ago a dear friend of mine told me about a great show on YouTube: it’s about strict parents and how they help transform unruly teens into better behaved ones. She said one in particular had been great. So, I watched it. And it was pretty great.

Great enough, in fact, that I had to read the book that the so-called strict parents had written about their parenting methods.

And while I’m still reading it, it’s pretty amazing.

In fact, it’s answered a few of the questions I’d had left after reading Love and Logic.

So if you need a new book, make sure you check out my current best parenting read.

My must-have parenting books:

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