Easy Sugar Cookie Recipes for When You’re In a Rush

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Growing up, I loved eating sugar cookies. Especially snicker doodles and chocolate crinkle cookies! My mom made amazing snicker doodle and chocolate crinkle cookies, and my sister was the resident expert on chocolate chip cookies. We begged for cookies all the time! And they obliged, although looking back I do wonder how many other recipes we should have tried. Oh well.

So, let’s chat about our favorite easy cookie recipes!

In a Rush? These Easy Cookie Recipes Satisfy Sweet Teeth Everywhere

The only downside to making cookies growing up was how long they took to bake – they were labor intensive bundles of flavor and goodness. These days, I want the flavor, but I also don’t have a ton of time and energy to invest in that kind of payoff. So, I’ve found these amazing recipes. They still deliver on the taste, flavor, and memories – but with a whole lot less work!

As such, here are the most amazingly easy cookies that don’t take all day to bake.

Classic Sugar Cookie Recipes When You Need them Now (but plan ahead!)

On the other hand, if you’re interested in the all-afternoon investment to get the flavor payload payoff, these classic recipes will be right up your alley.

Additionally, the royal icing on them can take several hours to set. Or, if you’ve got overnight to let the icing set, go for it. Either way, enjoy! And feel free to change up the shapes if you’d rather have a different design – or stick to the classic:

The Best Easy Cookies for Kids to Bake

Spending a lot of time in the kitchen is my goal so that our kids learn to love baking too. Of course, their culinary skills aren’t on the same level as mine, mostly because they’re still developing their fine motor skills. So, they’ll pass me soon enough.

In the meantime, though, I like these easy, kid-friendly cookie recipes because they’re something my older kids can handle – with minimal help.

  • This recipe is great for kids AND it only makes a few cookies, which means less potential for a mess: small batch sugar cookies via Dessert for Two
  • What’s not to love about PINK sugar cookies? Thanks to Living Life as Moms for the recipe!
  • Kids won’t have to worry about circles with these frosted sugar cookie bars from Perfection Pending
  • These emoji sugar cookies from Experimental Homesteader would be a blast to decorate with your kids!

Sugar Cookie Recipes by Holiday

Finally, if you’re looking for a specific way to celebrate, let’s make sure there’s a cookie for that.

Valentine’s Day Cookies

Thanksgiving Cookies

Christmas Sugar Cookies

Sports Themed Cookies

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