Awesome Ways to Fill an Easter Basket without Candy

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Spring is right around the corner and Easter is just a skip, hop and a sugar high away. Yes, the Easter Bunny is coming and he usually brings baskets full of hyperactivity-inducing, cavity-making confections! Stop the madness! Did you know that Easter doesn’t have to include candy at all?! That’s right, friend. There are awesome ways to fill an Easter basket without candy. And here are some ideas for you as we’re parenting through the holidays.

How do you fill an Easter basket without candy?

It sounds crazy, right? You’ve got a big basket to fill, not to mention all of those little plastic eggs and now, you’re supposed to do it without candy! Oh, the insanity of it all! First, take a deep breath. Second, listen to me when I say, “It’s not as hard as you think it is!”. So, I bet your brain is racing and you don’t even know where to start. Well, let’s do this together.

Start with the eggs!

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Yes, you can still use those colorful little plastic eggs and hide them around the house or stick a few in the Easter baskets. Those eggs are vessels, waiting to be filled, and they do not have to be filled with candy. You can fill them with tiny trinkets, different coins, stickers, stamps. The possibilities go as far as your imagination and egg size allow.

Don’t feel like filling the eggs? You can get them pre-filled with everything from LEGO Figures to Mini Squishies!

Or if gnomes are your thing, you’ll absolutely love these Easter gnomes.

Give your kids someBUNNY to love.

Put the bunny in the basket. No, seriously. There should be some kind of “Easter” bunny, shouldn’t there? Of course, there should be, silly, and lucky for you, there are plenty of options to help you fill up space in that Easter basket without candy! You could go with your standard, fuzzy bunny or switch it up and go LEGO bunny! These bunnies ONLY smell like chocolate, but if your kids aren’t into the stuffed animals, you can always get some fun bunny ears!

A little Easter reading?

Another great, non-candy basket filler would be books! There are books out there for every occasion and books never go out of style. Plus, it gives your kid a non-electronic activity to participate in. It’s Not Easy Being A Bunny and Pete the Cat: Big Easter Adventure are both best sellers! For the “older” kids, this Don’t Laugh Challenge (Easter Edition Joke Book) could be fun!

Feel free to keep the kids busy!

Put some things in the Easter basket for to do! Activities like, puzzles, mazes, scratch art and brain teaser puzzles! You could also try coloring books like, this Easter Egg one for younger kids or this Emoji Easter one, for the kids that are almost “too old” for Easter baskets. Oh, and don’t forget to add the crayons! Just for fun, throw in these Easter Mad Libs (you know you love them) and some pens too!

Crossing the finish line.

Check it out, we have tons of awesome stuff to fill an Easter basket without candy! But we still need to close it out! You probably noticed that there is nothing edible on this list.

Well, that’s because I wanted to give you fresh ideas, rather than bombard you with stuff for your kids to shove in their mouths. However, I had to include at least one treat, so I chose Annie’s Organic Bunny Grahams! Yummy, and not candy!!!

I always feel like a special article of clothing is fun to get on a holiday, and I happen to love pajamas, so finish off your Easter baskets with some Easter Pajamas. These Easter unicorn pajamas are ones my daughter would ADORE. And my boys would get a kick out of these Easter dinosaur jammies!

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