The Best Diastasis Recti Exercises for Managing Mummy Tummy

Workouts to prevent and treat mummy tummy / workouts to prevent and treat diastasis recti

My sister is amazing – she keeps trying to get me involved in all of these amazing exercise programs. And I have started doing some of them. Others, however, I have to politely decline. Because while they are amazing, body-strengthening programs, they aren’t designed with a diastasis recti in mind. So instead, I keep an eye out and participate in dedicated health programs that use diastasis recti exercises.

Some programs are 100% designed for managing diastasis recti. Others aren’t, but they do a good job building a strong core, anyway. In any case, let’s go over some of my favorite exercises that help restore my core and get rid of that mummy tummy.

The Best Diastasis Recti Exercises

After a chat with my sister about which kinds of exercises are forever off-limits, those which are discouraged until you’re strong enough, and those which should be done regularly, she helped me find the best, most amazing workouts.

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They run the gamut of individual workouts, series, and whole programs. Here are some of my favorites.

But even without those fancy workouts, there are still some fantastic exercises to be done at home.

Exercises to prevent, improve, and treat diastasis recti

There are multiple programs out there that are specially designed to help walk you through my favorite diastasis recti exercises. The ones I’ve looked at all seem to follow the same principles, though.

Takeaway principle: You need to strengthen your transverse abdominis and pelvic floor muscles. This will do two important things. First, it will strengthen your other core muscles. Second, it will also give other muscles and tissue time to realign and heal.

Bonus physical therapy results: Restoring your core will also reduce the pressure your abdomen has been under. This should help alleviate back pain, food baby mode, and issues with constipation.

But how do you do that? Well, first you need to learn is to visualize and engage your transverse abdominis and pelvic floor muscles. Here’s what helps me.

While standing, put one hand on the upper part of your abdomen (above your belly button) and the other just above your pelvis. Imagine your transverse abdominis – it’s like a rubber band that goes around your belly. Now, squeeze it tighter. Or, as they say in yoga class, pull your belly button back towards your spine. And, you should feel it pulling your pelvic floor muscles upwards, too.

I like to visualize that I’m pulling up a string on a zipper – that pulls up the pelvic floor – and zips my rectus abdominis muscles closed. You should be able to feel your muscles contract under both hands. In fact, it should make your posture feel like it’s absolutely amazing.

Once you’re able to reliably visualize those muscles, it’s time to move on to some basic exercises to start rebuilding your core. And while I’ll outline a few of my favorites right here, make sure you’re following my Diastasis Recti Exercises Pinterest Board – so you’ll be able to see all the good stuff.

Exercises to engage your core while standing and otherwise

Now, please remember that I’m not a yoga instructor. I’m simply a ginger-haired nurse who enjoys doing yoga. Even so, several programs have recommended these next two exercises, so I’ll ‘splain as best I can.

Cat to Cow – I like doing a modified cat to cow. I say modified because it’s still hard for me to do a full cow pose while I’m focusing on my transverse and trying to avoid flaring my ribs or back. It’s more of a “cat to cow-like”.

Standing Mountain – I also enjoy doing a standing mountain pose – it’s great practice engaging my transverse while standing with good posture, feeling my pelvic floor rising. And, then as I raise my arms, it makes it even harder to maintain good breathing, good posture, and good transverse engagement.

My kids didn’t understand how hard it was until I made them try it, too. But hey… if it prevents them from getting an abdominal separation, it’s worth it. And if this has helped you, too? Then it’s doubly worth it.

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Workouts to Manage Mommy Tummy I want to Try

While I’d love to spend every moment possible exercising… okay, no. I don’t want to spend every possible moment working out. Because I also want to play with my kids and eat delicious recipes. That and my body needs recovery time! In any case, these are more workouts that have been recommended to me and I intend to try. I’m working through them and will keep this updated with what works – and what doesn’t.

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Here’s a quick and easy video on some exercises you can do to work on that diastasis right now, if you want!

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