Cry It Out Sleep Training: All You Need to Know to Rock It

Cry It Out Sleep Training All You Need to Know to Rock It girl crying

If you’re wondering just how many sleep training methods there are, just know that various ones work for various babies. This post will focus on the benefits of the cry it out sleep training method to see if it’s right for you and your child!

This sleep training method is usually surrounded by controversy. Some parents swear by it, while others feel that it’s a certain form of neglect. Truth be told, the cry it out sleep training method isn’t for everyone. Just like all the other methods, it may or may not work for your child.

And just like I’ve said before, your participation as a parent is also what can make or break any of these sleep training methods from being successful or failing.

How long should you let a baby cry it out to sleep?

Once you lay the baby down safely in its crib, you’re going to want to walk out of the room and let the baby cry for five minutes or so. If it’s longer than that, you might need to rethink the timeframe and re-evaluate.

Is it okay to let a baby cry if nothing is wrong?

This is actually what most parents struggle with the most. And honestly, it’s understandable. No parent enjoys hearing their child scream and cry. Your parental instinct is going to be to run into their room, scoop them up in your arms, and cradle them to comfort.

However, keep your eye on the prize. In this case, your child crying it out can possibly lead to them sleeping through the night. And if that happens, that means that you might get to catch up on some sleep as well

If you’ve made certain that your child is safe, fed and dry, then crying it out in their crib has been shown to not have any long-term effects.

Cry it out Sleep Training Method

If you think you’re ready to give this sleep training a try, these simple tips can help set it up for success.

  • Start attempting no younger than 4 months of age

While the ages can vary on when to start, you want your baby to be able to understand and try to self soothe in order for it to work. Somewhere between the ages of 4 months to 6 months is a good time to try this sleep method with your child.

  • Stick to the routine and process every single time

What will make this training method be successful is to create a bedtime routine for your child. To begin, place your child in their crib while they are awake. Once you’ve safely laid them down, leave the room.

If they start to cry, wait a moment or two, then walk back into the room and gently pat them on the back. Don’t pick them up and hold them, just gentle pats on their back.

Continue to do this process off and on until your child starts to understand that they’re going to have to self soothe. Eventually, your child will see that once they’re laid in their crib, it’s time for them to rest.

While I wish I could give a timeframe of how many nights the cry it out sleep training method will take, every child is different. Some might get it after 1 night while others may take 5.

The key to finding success is to be consistent in your efforts. That way, you know without a doubt, that you did everything that you could before considering the option of switching to a varying sleep training method.

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