The “Complete Workout” Content Marketing Strategy

My husband and I have been working out steadily for about six weeks now: it’s been just long enough that while every morning workout still feels like it’s going to kill us, we’re starting to see some awesome results. Content marketing, and your content marketing strategy, should be just as involved as is your overall fitness plan. So let’s create one, shall we?

Start your content marketing strategy TODAY

The first trick to fitness is deciding that you’re going to start – today. No more waiting until the tomorrow that never comes. No more “one more cheat day…” Instead, we’re going to redesign the entire way that you think about content marketing and content marketing strategy so that it *WILL* work for you.

First of all, let’s address the idea of a “cheat” day. In dieting, it’s a day that you eat whatever you want. That’s a bad idea because it builds guilt. It’s the same in content marketing. If you need a day off, just choose to take a day off. If you build your business with systems (or even some automated awesomeness), you’ll be able to take a day off when you need to.

Or, if you know that you’re going to need help, don’t let the guilt eat you. Hire somebody already!

Making that choice will empower you to jump back on the content marketing bandwagon the next day (or the next post) without any issues. No guilt, no problems.

Then build your foundation: feed your body and mind

The foundation to good fitness is, like it or not, your diet. How you eat will have more impact on how you feel and perform than your exercise. For your content marketing, it means making sure that you’re constantly learning and being exposed to the most fantastic content. After all, great content will inspire you with more great ideas. So read good books, newsletters, newspapers, magazines, or blogs. Get the good stuff. There will be room for a ‘desert’ item or two here and there, but take the time and effort to feed your brain.

Design your content marketing workouts to reflect your goals

Through an online fitness forum, I’ve met some amazing people whose goals are to get amazingly strong and have some huge muscles. So their workouts focus on strength training with some minimal cardio for health. On the other hand, I’ve also met some marathon runners who don’t want huge muscles, but they do want functional health. They focus on endurance training and cardio, but they also do strength training.

When it comes to your content, you’re going to need to rely on more than just *one* strategy. If you rely on the “content cardio” rat race, your site may build up some SEO – provided you don’t get stuck in the SEO trap. But over time, people are going to realize that your content is more fluff than actual stuff. It will only be used in searches and people won’t read the whole article.

Instead, focus on beefing up your articles. Make them meatier, longer, and more worth reading. Maybe it means posting fewer times each month. If that’s the case, do it. Or, alternate the fluffy content cardio with the stronger articles. That way, you’ve got content that people will want to stick around and read after the fluff catches their attention.

But don’t forget this part of your content marketing strategy workout…

Now, when I talk about content I generally mean blogs. They’re vital to your company’s searchability. However, just as important is the content that your company posts on social media and your newsletter.

Your clients are a lot more likely to be on social media on a daily basis than they are to be tuning in to your blog posts on a regular basis. And, if they have a compelling reason to sign up for your newsletter (and your sign-up forms look spiffy), they’ll be looking at that on a more regular basis, too.

In other words, social media and newsletter content are just like a warm-up and cool down. If you don’t do them around a workout, you’re going to be missing out on a huge part of your content marketing fitness program.

That, or you’ll just be a lot more likely to pull a muscle during your workout. So be smart: take the extra few minutes before and after a workout to stretch your content (or your muscles) just a little bit further.

And then you’ll see TRULY amazing results

After six weeks of exercising, I’m noticing changes. I’m more toned; I have more energy, and I’m pushing myself more than I could have six weeks ago. Am I where I want to be yet, fitness-wise? No. I still have a ways to go.

And content marketing is just the same. It’s not an overnight fix. It’s not a magic cure. But if you’re diligent and work hard, it’s going to absolutely astonish you at how much of an impact it’s going to have on your business’s well-being, strength, and profit margin.

Are you ready to see what kind of total content program your content marketing strategy should have? Then contact me.

Kimberly C. Starr

I'm a ginger who loves reading, eating, being a nurse, spending time with my family, and writing about it all. I believe humor is the best medicine, followed very closely by chocolate and tacos. To read more about me, click here.

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