Cleaner Bathrooms: How to Tidy Them in 15 Minutes or Less

Bathrooms are amazing but they get filthy fast. Ours can go from tidy to trashed in about three seconds flat. They even get dirty when my kids go in to brush their teeth!

So let’s talk about tidying the bathrooms up fast – and let’s keep it to 15 minutes, max.

Clean the Toilet

Let’s start with the toilet because that’s got to get cleaned. Squirt in some cleaner, brush it around and let it sit. We’ll flush it when we’re done.

Next, grab some cleaning wipes and wipe down that porcelain throne. It doesn’t have to sparkle, but let’s at least take the pee stains off of it.

Or better yet, give this job (and some gloves) to the kids. That way, we can move on to the vanity and sink.

De-Grossify the Counter and Sink

Yeah, I’m not sure that “de-grossify” is really a word, but it’s the best verb for the job.

So let’s make things less gross already. Clear the clutter from the vanity and wipe it down. I find it’s easier with a damp microfiber cloth first.

Then, once all of the globs of toothpaste are gone, I’ll wipe everything off with a cleaning wipe. That way I’m not burning through cleaning wipes to get off the hard, large pieces of toothpaste.

There’s really no surprise on my face to see how fast my kids use a tube of toothpaste. It really was all over the counter.

Check the Floor

Next, let’s check the floor. Odds are there are towels (in all states of dampness) strewn about. Probably some dirty, abandoned clothing, too. Let’s throw those into the closest laundry hamper.

Once the floor is visible again, let’s see what else needs addressing on the floor.

  • Toys can be collected and returned to the playroom.
  • Dishes can be stacked and put in the kitchen sink.
  • Art supplies can be rinsed off and returned to the office.
  • Toothbrushes can be rinsed off and put back in their holder.

Time to Tidy the Tub

Now, if the bathroom was super messy, the tub may be “tidied” by simply pulling the shower curtain closed.

But if you’ve got the time, let’s tidy it up. Make sure all of the soap, bottles, and whatever else isn’t empty beyond using again. Throw away what needs to be tossed.

Pick up any tub toys and put them in their storage bin.

Turn on the shower and rinse everything down. Then, grab a microfiber mop and use that to wipe it all down. Yes, I mop the tub.

Then I’ll rinse the mop and get the floor. Easy peasy.

When it comes down it, tidying the bathroom is possible in only 15 minutes. And then it’s not so gross.

Kimberly C. Starr

I'm a ginger who loves reading, eating, being a nurse, spending time with my family, and writing about it all. I believe humor is the best medicine, followed very closely by chocolate and tacos. To read more about me, click here.

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