2021 August Writing Report

August was a huge mixed-bag kind of month. On the one hand, we went on an amazing family vacation to Bear Lake. On the other, it was also crazy busy with weird, not-covid sicknesses that went through the whole family, back-to-school prep, and starting to remodel our kitchen. In any case, it’s really nice to … Read more

2021 July Writing Report

image of the letters spelling July on the beach in front of the ocean

While mentally I know that July is over, it’s still hot enough that I can’t help but think it’s mid-July. But July is over (even Pioneer day, which I infamously keep thinking is in June), and August is well underway. July 2021 saw a total paid income of $843.93, while the portfolio of websites earned … Read more

2021 June Writing Report

image of the word "June" written into the sand while the surf rushes in.

June always feels like the month that will never end to me. Especially since, every June 25th or so, I wonder if I’ve missed Pioneer day (spoiler: it’s on July 24th). This June was no different – but with a few extra things going on in the family. But you aren’t here for details on … Read more

2021 May Writing Report

image of a small notebook with writing of hello May in black ink

When it’s in the middle of a month, it sometimes seems like it takes forever. But then it’s like you blink and the rest of it flew right on by you. That’s how May felt at our house, anyway. Only now it’s over – and I get to dive into the numbers with you. Totally … Read more

2021 April Writing Report

image of a woman's hand while holding her pen and writing at her notebook with a lake background

I really love putting together these reports – it’s a lot of fun to see where I’ve progressed each month. Until the last few months, these reports were primarily to show you how much I’ve been working and writing because the income hadn’t caught up to my input just yet. But now? We’re to the … Read more

2021 March Writing Report

image showing half of the laptop, brown and black notebook with black pen and a cup of coffee next to it

I really love putting together these reports – it’s a lot of fun to see where I’ve progressed each month. Some months, it’s just getting to tally how many words I’ve written. While others, it’s fun to count the words, videos, and the income. And the income has been steadily rising. I’m super excited to … Read more

2021 February Writing Report

image of notebook, red heart and gift box on laptop, white pen, glasses on top of wooden white table

Well, we’re coming up on a whole year since the initial lockdown from the Covid-19 pandemic. And in that year, I’ve gotten a good amount of writing done. I suppose that’s the silver lining. In any case, let’s look back at how February went for writing. February’s Statistics February’s statistics look better than January’s, so … Read more

2021 January Writing Report

Image of wooden blocks with numbers at the ground replacing the 0 on 2020 so it says 2021

Long term projects are both a blessing and a curse – a blessing because of all of the rewards. A curse because they can feel like no forward momentum is happening… unless you periodically take a look back to see how far you’ve come in the meantime. Even so, January was a rough month. So … Read more

2020 December Writing Report

image of brown notebook on top of wooden wood with Christmas decors like Santa hat, Christmas balls, small gift box

While most of 2020 had its downs, there were a few highlights – mostly related to writing and family time. So even though I think most of the world would rather forget 2020, let’s at least take a moment to look back at December and see how things went. December’s Quick Statistics Here’s the quick … Read more

2020 November Writing Report

image of notebook at the grass next to the glasses and maple leaves

I can hardly believe that November is over – and so ends another National Novel Writing Month. I’m happy to report that I met my word count goal by almost double. But I’m getting ahead of myself. First, let’s take a look at what went well (and what didn’t go so well) in the month … Read more