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  • October 2022 Writing Report

    October 2022 Writing Report

    Hello, October. September was another content warrior challenge month, so it felt like it rushed on past. Another content warrior challenge was attempted and completed, so that feels great! Now it’s on to October and moving towards doing the equivalent of a content warrior challenge every month. Daunting? Yup. Doable? Also yup. My team is […]

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  • September 2022 Writing Report

    September 2022 Writing Report

    I’m shocked that it’s already September, but here we are. No amount of denial will change that fact. I’m working hard on all of the fronts: getting the kids into the current year’s school schedule, continuing to build and scale the business, coming to grips with the fact that everything keeps changing, focusing on eating […]

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  • August 2022 Writing Report

    August 2022 Writing Report

    Having sky-high goals can be an amazing thing. They’re what get you off your bum, jumping and running to reach new heights. However, if your goals are so high that attaining them becomes impossible, they cross the line into depressing. Looking back at my goals for the last few months, they’ve been too high. I’ve […]

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  • July 2022 Writing Report

    July 2022 Writing Report

    Summers may be awesome, but they’re also full of lies. At least, that’s how I see them right now. You start the summer thinking there’s plenty of time. Then you blink and it’s almost mid-July (and you’re not even done with the monthly reports yet – fixing that now!). In any case, June felt especially […]

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  • June 2022 Writing Report

    June 2022 Writing Report

    I’ve decided that sometimes math is weird. Looking back over the last year or so, I can see that I’ve been able to add a digit to my gross writing revenue. Dividing the new total by the year-old data, it would be easy to say that I’ve multiplied revenue by 10 times. However, that’s not […]

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  • May 2022 Writing Report

    May 2022 Writing Report

    April flew right on by, and the end especially was an amazing month that last week or so. Normally, I’m super focused on hitting the publishing metrics, but in April, I got the opportunity to attend an in-person mastermind in Las Vegas. Just for the record, I’ve decided I’m not a huge fan of the […]

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  • April 2022 Writing Report

    April 2022 Writing Report

    March was another content challenge month for Income School, and boy howdy did I spend a lot of time trying to get things published! Sadly, I didn’t get all of the content written during the month published. I’ve still got about 15 or so left in the queue. However, I did get 25 articles published […]

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  • March 2022 Report: How the Publishing World is Changing

    March 2022 Report: How the Publishing World is Changing

    Before we get to the March niche site reports, I want to talk briefly about how the publishing world is changing. And don’t get me wrong – change is good. Most of the time, anyway. I’ll talk about that first – and why it’s relevant. Then I’ll dive into the niche site reports, and tie […]

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  • February 2022 Traffic & Report

    February 2022 Traffic & Report

    Technically, this report is going to cover January 2022, but it’s a new year and a new set of reports. That and I’m tired of naming the reports after the previous month, so we’re skipping January and calling this one February. It’s my website and I’ll change reports up if I want to. (Cue the […]

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  • 2021 Writing Report and Recap

    2021 Writing Report and Recap

    I know that most people didn’t love 2021; it was just 2020 part II for many people. And while that was true here to an extent, 2021 was also an amazing year for me – at least in regards to writing and the business. Because while 2021 may have been 2020 part Deux, my business […]

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