How Should Short Stories Be Studied At First?

Image of the word short story in letters made of wood

Short stories, as the name suggests, are stories that are shorter in length compared to a novel or a novella. A typical short story can vary from 1000 words to 7000 words. If you want to pursue a career in writing then a short story is the perfect point to start, because you’ve got a … Read more

What Is The Difference Between Writing And Literature?

Image of a woman's hands writing on her notebook with a laptop, book, picture frame and eyeglasses next to it.

It is almost impossible to go a single day without reading something. Whether an email, social media post, book, or even a store sign, we are constantly bombarded with words. But what differentiates the words we read every day? What is classified as literature vs technical writing? In short, writing is all of the technical … Read more