Deliciously Easy and Updated Scottish Meat Pie Recipe

Scottish meat pie on a plaid tablecloth with a wooden spatula and a sprig of rosemary

Having made lots and lots of meat pies (and gotten lots of feedback from my fellow bakers) means it’s time to update an old recipe – my classic recipe for Scottish meat pies. This delicious, easy Scottish meat pie recipe is an updated version of the traditional recipe. This minced meat pie is packed with … Read more

Simply Delicious Orange Pie Recipe

Simply Delicious Orange Pie Recipe

If you’ve ever tried and loved a key lime pie OR you love all things orange, then you’re going to absolutely love this simply delicious orange pie recipe. In fact, it’s one of our family’s favorite recipes – and one that I’ve been getting tons of requests to share our version of this delicacy. Delicious … Read more

Vanilla Cheetah Swiss Roll Cake Recipe

Swiss roll cake with Cheetah spots

Have you ever wondered how the contestants on the Great British Baking show make their Swiss roll cakes so much fancier than the plain chocolate rolls you can buy in the store? I have. And not just because I wanted to know what a proper Swiss roll tasted like – because those mini cakes barely … Read more

How to Make Nurse Sugar Cookies for Nurse Appreciation Week

plate of sugar cookies, half baked as hearts decorated with red icing and a white piped line in the shape of an ekg or heart monitor readout and the other half of cookies baked like a nurse's face with a white hat and cross on it

Want to show the nurses in your life how much you appreciate them? Whether it’s Nurse Appreciation Week or not, these nurse sugar cookies are so cute that your favorite nurses will appreciate the gesture. I mean, come on. They’re cookies! And whether you choose the EKG (heartbeat rhythm) or the old-school nurse pattern, each … Read more