Easy Ways To Cool Your Kids Down For Little to No Money

Easy Ways To Cool Your Kids Down For Little to No Money

We all know that summer gets hot. It doesn’t matter where you live, at some point, it gets hot and you need to cool your kids down. And yourself, for that matter! But not all of us want to buy a $400+ pool! That is why I have come up with some easy ways to cool your kids down for little to NO money, mainly using things you already have at home. Because that’s what we do when we’re parenting, y’all. We’re finding ways to make it work with kids’ activities.

Cool Your Kids Down For Little to NO Money

It’s important to keep kids busy, cool and hydrated during the summer, but it is also important not to blow your entire paycheck on water toys, right? That’s how I feel anyway, so here are some cheap, maybe even free, ways to cool your kids down this summer.

Staying cool doesn’t have to cost a ton. Use what you’ve got on hand to keep things free!

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Use the hose to your advantage!

Everyone has a hose. Well, as long as you live in a house. Apartment dwellers may not have one hanging out in the yard as homeowners do. However, if you DO have a hose, use it!

Teach your kids how to spray each other with it. Share with them, the pure joy, of jumping through a regular old sprinkler and how magical it is when the rainbow shows up! Make a slip n slide by duct taping a few garbage bags together!

Got a little extra space in your freezer?

Use it to make an artic excavation for your kids! Fill up a small tub with water, plastic arctic animals, plants and other things and then freeze until solid! Send your kids outside with a giant block of ice, some toy tools and let ‘em at it!

Do you have little ones or toddlers?

Grab a laundry basket and some garbage bags or a tarp. Line the laundry basket and then, add a little water!

Voila! Little tiny kiddie pool!

Water Balloon or Sponge Fight!

If you have some water balloons around (or you buy some cheap), a water balloon (or dollar store squirt gun) fight is always fun on a hot day. If you don’t have water balloons (or don’t want to deal with the little plastic bits afterward), use a bucket full of water and sponges! They are soft enough not to hurt and, another bonus, totally reusable.

Frozen Towels.

If you don’t have a big yard or much room to work with, get a couple of towels wet and then, put them in the freezer for about 20 minutes. They won’t completely freeze, but will be nice, cold and refreshing to lay on for a bit!

Whew! That’s a lot of summer fun, y’all. I hope you like these ideas for ways to cool your kids down for little to NO money this summer!

Do you have any more awesome ways to cool off that you can share?

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