The Best Summer Activities for Kids That Say They’re Bored

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Summer vacation is upon us and you know it won’t be long before we hear those words. What words, you ask? The dreaded, “I’m bored!”, usually followed with a loud sigh and a plop down on the living room furniture! That’s right, your kid is already bored and is looking to you for some kind of guidance. We know what we WANT to say, but why don’t you try offering these boredom-busting summer activities for kids that say they’re bored.

And don’t worry – they’re easy and memorable. Because parenting shouldn’t be rocket science, right?

I’m Bored! Boredom Busting Summer Activities For Kids!

Kids often run out of things to entertain themselves with fairly quick, especially during summer vacation.

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I think it is because most kids have this tunnel vision idea of no school, vegging out, eating all the snacks, video games all night and sleeping all day. Yeah, even if we let them, they only last a night or two, so it’s always nice to have a little Ace in your pocket to trump their boredom!


Send your kids out hunting for some caches or go with them, if they are a little younger. All over the place, geocachers have hidden little treasures for your kids to find and log! It is like the ultimate treasure hunt and you never REALLY know what will be in the cache! You can also add a little trinket of your own. Grab a GPS tracker and check out for more information on how to get started.

Foraging/Mushroom Hunting

Does your kid have a keen eye or an interest in nature? Perhaps your teen would like to earn some money! Grab a foraging guide/mushroom hunting guide and let them see what they can find and identify! There are also apps that can help identify some flora and fauna. It can be a great conversation starter if you know which plant you could eat while camping and hey, some of those mushrooms sell for quite a bit! Don’t forget your foraging bag!

Playground Testers

There are a few ways that you can find out what playgrounds are in your area and there are usually a lot more than you realize! Grab a county map, check out the playground finder app (or check out their website) and set a goal. How many playgrounds can you test and conquer this summer? Throw some water, sandwiches and, maybe a pocket first aid kit, in a cooler backpack and send them off to work!

These are just a few, unique ideas that you can pull out of your back pocket when your kids say they’re bored! You can answer back, “There is a world full of adventure and cool summer activities, like these, for kids! How can you be bored?!”.

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