All of the Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes Ever

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Did you know that chocolate chip cookies, like most amazing inventions, was based on a happy accident? Apparently someone wanted to try making a chocolate chip cookie faster – and so skipped the step of melting the chocolate chunks they’d cut up. They figured the chocolate would melt in the oven and magically tansform the cookies into chocolate ones. Oops.

And thus was born the chocolate chip cookie recipe. Now, ever since then, there’s been loads of delicious recipes for the best chocolate chip cookies. But these are the best of the best – and ones we’ve all tried and loved or are on our “to test” list.

All of the Best, Most Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever (in One Place!)

Looking for a fantastic standard recipe to fall in love with? These are some of our favorites. And here’s the important thing to remember: you may want to try several of these recipes. Because they’re each perfect in a slightly different way – and so they’re each worth a try.

The Classics: Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes

Now, if you want to go more old-school in your cookie baking, these recipes are going to be right up your alley. They may take a little bit longer to bake, but sometimes that extra flavor is totally worth the wait.

Add in Some Pizzaz: How to Make the Best Chocolate Chip Cookie for Special Events

Need some modern twists on the classic cookie? Here you go. You’ll be ready for almost any and every event – and have a fun take on the cookie that everyone loves.

More Chocolate Chip Cookie Variations

Want something a little bit different? These chocolate chip cookie inspired recipes look deliciously decadent!

So go make your own cookies – and enjoy!

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