How to Make Beef Rib Street Tacos for Your Taco Enthusiast

If you love tacos (as I do), then Taco Tuesday is a myth. Because, really, tacos are an everyday kind of thing!

Even so, I do try not to eat tacos every day – because while a taco cleanse is a real thing, I also believe in moderation. Shocking, right? but what that also means is this: when I do get a taco, I get to enjoy every single bite of it.

And that’s why these beef rib street tacos are so amazing. It’s because they’re delicious! So let’s get this dinner recipe going, shall we?

image of 3 freshly made beef tacos placed on a wooden board

How to Make Beef Rib Street Tacos

Have you ever noticed that in order to buy good beef ribs, you may have to buy a lot of them at a place like Costco?

Well, I’ve got two solutions for that. Option one is making a whole lot of this and BBQ beef ribs! You’ll have dinners covered for several nights. Woohoo!

Option two is trying to shop at a Hispanic or Korean supermarket. There you can buy smaller quantities at very reasonable prices.

And if you don’t have that particular cut of beef? No stress. You can use a chuck steak.

Yield: 4 people

Beef Ribs Street Tacos

Image of street taco with beef, salsa, and lettuce on a corn tortilla next to a red onion both on a wooden cutting board

A delicious, homemade street taco that uses a beautiful fusion of authentic and Tex-Mex style flavors.

Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Additional Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 30 minutes


  • 1 lb of beef short ribs
  • cumin, for dusting the entire top of the ribs
  • minced garlic, enough to cover the top of the ribs
  • chili powder, enough to lightly cover the top
  • Avacodo oil
  • onion, can be sauteed or chopped raw
  • 6-8 corn tortillas
  • lettuce, chopped
  • sauce or salsa of your choice


  1. Before seasoning your ribs, we like to remove excess fat from the ribs. Be careful and caught off some of the fat. (don't remove it all! After all, it does add flavor)
  2. Next, take your rack of ribs and scour the top "fatty part" to allow for seasonings to soak in. (If you want to cut down your ribs into smaller portions, you can do this then as well)
  3. Apply your cumin and chili powder with a light dusting on the top of the ribs only and then take some of the minced garlic and press on top as well.
  4. Cover and let rest in the fridge for a minimum of 1 hour. You can let rest even longer for better flavor results.
  5. After the resting period is over, remove the ribs and let them come to room temp.
  6. Place a skillet or large pot on your stove top, add in your avocado oil, get it hot and then sear the ribs until all the sides are a golden brown. This can vary in time but typically you should have all sides seared within 8-10 minutes. (you'll need to stand there and turn them to get golden brown on all the edges)
  7. Once they are done being seared, they need to be placed in your oven to finish cooking. (we had a cast iron griddle in the oven that we placed them on, but an oven proof pan or sheet would be fine)
  8. (at this time you can saute up your onion to put on your taco later if you want!)
  9. Preheat your oven to 425 degrees and place your ribs in the oven once it's reached temp. You will need to keep an eye on them as they'll only be in there for about 8-10 minutes. I recommend setting a timer and turning them every few minutes for best results.
  10. Once your beef reaches an internal temperature of 145 degrees, it's time to pull it from the oven and let it rest. (use your meat thermometer as all ovens cook differently!)
  11. While the meat is resting, get your tacos ready to go with your lettuce, onion, and corn tortilla.
  12. Once the meat has rested, slice as thin or as thick as you want, place inside your tortilla and top with a sauce or salsa of your choice!
  13. Enjoy!

Taco enthusiasts everywhere – rejoice and enjoy!

A final reminder: street tacos aren’t like tacos – especially if you’ve got something in mind that comes from a chain taco store. Street tacos are more authentic, more delicious, and more flavorful. They are amazing.

Even so, feel free to dress them up or adjust the spices so that they’re exactly how you enjoy them.

Because, that’s what tacos are: a deliciously enjoyable food. Bon appétit!

Hm.. doesn’t seem right to end a taco on a French phrase… let’s try this again.

Buen provecho!

(Spanish: enjoy your meal!)

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