Fun, Themed Ideas for a Memorable Baby’s 1st Birthday

A Baby’s 1st Birthday is a once in a lifetime milestone that all new parents relish in celebrating. There is usually a party, a cake and tons of photos! Believe it or not, with the inception of Pinterest 1st birthdays have only become more and more elaborate in the last few years, so why don’t we check out some baby’s 1st Birthday ideas that will be memorable and affordable!

Baby’s 1st Birthday Ideas:

Ready to dive into the ideas? Let’s do this.

1. A Birthday of Firsts:

Set up a party that includes fun and exciting things for your newly minted 1 year old to try for the very first time. You can take photos, write down the reactions and even videotape it to watch when they are older! 

  • Use a muffin tin and fill it with foods that your baby hasn’t tried yet. Things like starfruit, peanut butter and a cracker dipped in honey are fun. You can also add sour things like lemons or pickles.
  • Make a #1 pull-apart cake made out of cupcakes! You could try a new cake flavor or frosting! Here is a quick look at how to make the #1.

2. 1 by 1, Hurrah!

The ants go marching 1 by 1, hurrah, hurrah! How cute would it be if everything at the party was in pairs, because it came 1 by 1?! 

  • The party could be a picnic theme, complete with “ant” snacks, like ants on a log!
  • You could ask the guests to bring age appropriate animal toys to the party and have them march in 1 by 1!
  • For dessert, try your hand at making cute little ant cake pops!

3. 1 Little Monkey Jumping

A jumping monkey?? From the song, of course! Have your birthday baby be the one little monkey left jumping on the bed! 

Baby’s First Birthday Ideas – for Twins!

Because really. If you’ve got twins, what are you to do except for making things twice as much fun?

4. Go with Dr. Seuss!

A Seussian party is perfect for twins turning 1. The inspiration is plentiful, but here are a few to get you started:

  • Things 1 and 2 are a no brainer! Dress them up and don’t worry about cleaning up, Thing 1 and Thing 2 are always a mess!
  • 1 Fish, 2 Fish would be another fun theme to play with. You could have gummy fish in jello bowls or goldfish crackers galore!
  • Oh, The Places You Will Go! Have everyone at the party write a little note to the birthday babe in the book and then give it to them for their 18th birthday!

Even if your baby’s first birthday ends up being nothing more than cupcakes, a candle, and your available family, it’s something still to celebrate. So get out there and enjoy it – and make some memories as a family.

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