Why Having a Baby Girl Reminds Me Things Will Work Out

Several months ago, I became a mom for the fourth time. This time, to a beautiful baby girl. Growing up, I’d always thought I’d have all boys. Probably because I have so many sisters… (and I love them all dearly!) But for whatever reason, I had it in my head that I’d be parenting four boys. And I absolutely love my 3 crazy, active, happy, adventurous little boys. But having a little girl?

Having a baby girl required taking another look at my expectations

During the ultrasound when we found out we’d be having a little girl… my emotions went all over the place.

  • Uncertainty: because what if this little girl wants to play Barbies and wear tiaras every day? I can only handle so much pink, y’all.
  • Fear: because I’ve got this boy thing down. Could I handle a girl??
  • Joy: because I knew my husband really wanted a little girl. (So did both of our moms)
  • Peace: because I knew that our family needed this little girl to be complete.

It took some time to mentally and emotionally adjust to what would be our new reality of our 3 boys and a baby girl… all of about 3 minutes. Then we were back to watching the ultrasound tech and doc at work because we wanted to make sure her heart was okay. Two more (very expensive) ultrasounds later, the heart worries were laid to rest. Whatever it had been, it was no longer an issue (thank you, Lord).

Then she was here, and I was reminded things would work out.

While I can remember what life was like before my Lil’ Miss was here… life with only 3 little boys whom I adore… now I have my blue-eyed baby girl. I hadn’t known I wanted a daughter. Or that we needed a little girl to complete our family. But now that she’s here… she was the gift from heaven that I never knew I needed. It was the perfect reminder that, while things don’t always work out like we expect them to, they do work out.

Because while all sorts of crazy, awful, and downright horrible things happen in life, there are also little miracles like this. Tender moments that remind you that parenting is equal parts crazy and amazing. Little moments where you realize that somehow, somewhere, someone is looking out for you. They’re sending you the things you truly need – even if it takes you a little bit to realize it.

So as I sit here, snuggling my baby girl and typing one-handed, it makes me grateful for those times when things go well. When things work out. Or when the stars align just so perfectly that you enjoy a few moments of peace to cuddle a cute baby.

Plans change. Life changes. Things work out in the end.

So what if I didn’t get a fourth boy like I’d thought I would? That plan was changed for me. Well, for our whole family. But that’s okay. Because things worked out – and we got our baby girl instead. A baby girl that we all adore. The boys (especially the youngest boy!) love holding their sister. And sitting on her… *sigh* Oh well. She’s learning how to hold her own.

They love kissing her, smiling at her, getting her to smile back, tormenting her just a little bit, and sharing things with her. And now that she can hit them back, I have to remind them that they probably deserved it – at the very least, for egging her on and teaching her how to punch.

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Things will work out. In fact, often things work out far better than we’d even dared to dream for. Sometimes it takes a few minutes, or a few years, to do so. But it will work out. So hang in there, friends. Hang in there and keep hoping. Keep trying. Dare to hope and to dream big. Things will work out in the end.

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