Author: Kimberly C. Starr

  • Monthly Writing Report for August 2020

    Monthly Writing Report for August 2020

    Time flies when you’re having fun writing! It’s time to take a step back and see how things are going. Why keep track of the work being done? Well, it helps me stay motivated – and to see the small, imperceptible from day to day changes that are quite large when you look back at […]

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  • Monthly Writing Report for June 2020

    Monthly Writing Report for June 2020

    Keeping track of my writing isn’t just an accountability thing. It also helps me see my progress to help me stay motivated. And since July 11th marks my 1-year anniversary with the Income School Project 24 (where it takes 24 months to reach a full-time income blogging), I figured it was time to really analyze […]

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  • Online Library Introduction

    Online Library Introduction

    Today’s the first day of the online library – and I’m equal parts excited, terrified, and nervous. And because I don’t want to have it totally empty while I’m working out my jitters (so I can actually start some writing exercises to share here), I wanted to start with an introduction. Why do an online […]

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