Author: Kimberly C. Starr

  • 2021 Writing Report and Recap

    2021 Writing Report and Recap

    I know that most people didn’t love 2021; it was just 2020 part II for many people. And while that was true here to an extent, 2021 was also an amazing year for me – at least in regards to writing and the business. Because while 2021 may have been 2020 part Deux, my business […]

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  • Oriana’s Stars

    Oriana’s Stars

    This story was submitted to Writers of the Future and won an Honorable Mention. I’ve left all formatting as it was originally written when submitted to their contest. Oriana strapped on the last of her makeshift armor over her spacesuit, checked for any breaches, grabbed her homemade (and not standard-issue) spear, and headed out the […]

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  • 2021 November Writing Report

    2021 November Writing Report

    National Novel Writing Month is officially over, and it was a great month. It simultaneously dragged on (as did all of 2020-2021, if we’re being honest) while also it flew right on by. It’s kind of a crazy combination, just like everything else. Thanks for that visual from “A Tale of Two Cities,” Mr. Dickens. […]

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  • 2021 October Writing Report

    2021 October Writing Report

    While it’s November already, it’s a good chance to look back at how October went. Because while this month is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), last month wasn’t. But I still got a lot of writing done! Now, to be fair (with regards to NaNoWriMo), technically the only words that should be counted are words […]

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  • 2021 September Writing Report

    2021 September Writing Report

    September is Income School’s Content Warrior Challenge month. The challenge is to write at least 60,000 words of content for your website(s). They count a video as 2,000 words (no matter the length). And, as ever since I joined Project 24, I participated. Spoiler: I won another badge. Because apparently virtual badges are hugely motivating. […]

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  • The 22 Most Important Writing Skills Of All Time

    The 22 Most Important Writing Skills Of All Time

    Writing is a crucial communication mode, as we write every day in different forms and languages to pass messages to specific audiences. Some people write in a conversational tone and come off as relatable, precise, understanding, and their points are as clear as day.  Unfortunately, some others are unable to pass their messages across clearly […]

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  • Writing Alternate Endings: How To Improve As A Writer

    Writing Alternate Endings: How To Improve As A Writer

    Sometimes, when you finish a book, film, or tv show you realize that the ending wasn’t at all satisfying. An imperfect ending will greatly affect how you feel about the story as a whole. To avoid this in your own work, and improve as a writer, you will want to try to write alternate endings […]

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  • 2021 August Writing Report

    2021 August Writing Report

    August was a huge mixed-bag kind of month. On the one hand, we went on an amazing family vacation to Bear Lake. On the other, it was also crazy busy with weird, not-covid sicknesses that went through the whole family, back-to-school prep, and starting to remodel our kitchen. In any case, it’s really nice to […]

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  • 2021 July Writing Report

    2021 July Writing Report

    While mentally I know that July is over, it’s still hot enough that I can’t help but think it’s mid-July. But July is over (even Pioneer day, which I infamously keep thinking is in June), and August is well underway. July 2021 saw a total paid income of $843.93, while the portfolio of websites earned […]

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  • 2021 June Writing Report

    2021 June Writing Report

    June always feels like the month that will never end to me. Especially since, every June 25th or so, I wonder if I’ve missed Pioneer day (spoiler: it’s on July 24th). This June was no different – but with a few extra things going on in the family. But you aren’t here for details on […]

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