4 Quick and Easy Active Crafts for Children

Sometimes you have to think outside the box to keep your kids busy and having fun. So why would crafts be any different? Thankfully, I found these easy, active crafts for children.

And here’s the key to finding an active craft for kids: instead of focusing on how long the activity will take, look for activities with lots of sensory stimulation. These kinds of active crafts will still help pass the time – but they’ll appeal to the active kiddos like mine. And that makes parenting so much easier!

4 Easy and Active Crafts for Children

Are you ready to dive into these crafts? I know my kids always are!

1. Edible Sensory Beads

Look – my kids like eating. If your kids do, too, then they’ll enjoy this as well.

And just because edible sensory beads are edible doesn’t’ mean you have to eat them. But if your kids can’t help but lick ALL THE THINGS, then it isn’t a big deal. Because these are an edible, safe, and non-toxic form of sensory play.

How to Make Edible Sensory Beads

To make the edible sensory beads, use an equal amount of water (in cups) to chia seeds (but in tablespoons).

Add any natural food coloring to the water to color up the beads. To make multiple colors, simply use more bowls full of water and chia seeds.

Once you’ve mixed well, simply let the bowl (or bowls) sit overnight in the fridge. They’ll be ready by morning.

Your kids will enjoy mixing the beads and swirling them around – with hands, spoons, and maybe even a spoon.

2. Finger Paint

Finger painting never gets old!

It’s fun even for us adults – or at least me. It’s a great activity for those of us who don’t like being constrained by things like “lines” and “paintbrushes” – or it’s just a fun way to get messy. And it’s got a strong sensory experience to go with it, which is great.

Because that can help calm and relax any wild child – no matter how crazy the day. And if you can finger paint outside with washable paints? It’s a super-easy way to contain the mess, too.

3. Edible Slime

I promise we don’t eat everything at my house… but we do have small children, so all sorts of things do get “taste-tested” on a regular basis.

Brightly colored edible slime, though, is a great craft experience for children. They can help make it, play with it, and have a slime fight in the backyard.

How to Make Edible Slime

For each color of edible slime desired, mix 1 tablespoon of Metamucil with 1 cup of water and a few drops of natural food coloring. To add a fun SMELL as well, add 1/4 package of Kool-Aid Powder.

Cook the mixture on high for 3-6 minutes, then let the slime cool before using.

This is sure to be a crowd-pleaser for all ages! And it can hold your child’s attention for a crazy unbelievable amount of time.

4. Make Some Mosaics

Finally, let’s help your kids experience a puzzle without trying to force puzzle pieces together in a way that breaks the entire puzzle – and frustrates you!

So instead, get this diverse set of mosaic tiles – and let your kids make their own designs and creations with mosaics.

For a next-level kind of fun, ask your kids to make certain animals, pictures, or anything else out of their mosaic tiles. Then, sit back and watch the art show unfold while you smile, knowing that your kids are building better concentration levels.

Look, traditional arts and crafts are great. But if your kids can’t sit through coloring for more than 20 seconds like mine, then these alternatives are a great choice.

Because children are naturally creative – sometimes we just have to get away from the usual in order to find it. And these active crafts for kids are a great way to do just that – while creating hours of fun and creativity for the whole family.

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