30-Day Sleep Training Challenge

getting baby to sleep each night

When it comes to sleep training your children, there are so many options! It can be overwhelming. Especially when those “oh, this will DEFINITELY work for your family!” promises fall flat on their faces.

It’s frustrating – but it doesn’t have to be, I promise. Because there are some simple, actionable steps you can take and apply to ANY sleep training method. And when you do that? It turns that generic sleep plan into your own customized, sleep training plan. Want the steps?

They’re all outlined, right here, in the 30-Day Sleep Training Challenge.

What is the 30-day Sleep Training Challenge?

The 30-day sleep training challenge is a free email course designed to help you turn your preferred sleep training method from a generic, book-read idea into a personalized, customized sleep training plan.

Oh – and it does that by giving you the tools you need to plan your path to success, implement your actionable steps, evaluate your progress, and adjust your trajectory so that you definitely succeed.

What’s inside the free sleep challenge:

Once you sign up, I’ll email you for the next 30 days – and I’ll keep it as short as I can! Because, seriously. If your baby’s anything like mine, you’ve got like 1.2 minutes (or sometimes just seconds!) to read that sucker.

You’ll get: a short lesson and an actionable step to implement that lesson.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • The most amazing acronym ever – and how it’ll help you turn any generic sleep plan into your own, customized sleep training power plan.
  • How to plan for success (so that you can achieve it!)
  • Implementing your customized sleep training plan.
  • How to evaluate things so that you can continue to tweak, adjust, and perfect your sleep plan – practically guaranteeing it will work!
  • Where and how to start sleep training – including the sleep props that will help most.
  • How to manage nap transitions without crying.
  • Common sleep problems – and how to glide right past them.
  • And more!

You see, this is a new, interactive, and evolving sleep training challenge. Yes, it’s designed to help you succeed. But it’s also designed to help you learn the techniques, tips, and tricks you need to be able to manage sleep training both now and any time a regression hits.

What’s NOT included? (and if you’re expecting these things, you WILL be disappointed – sorry!)

If you’re looking for a made-for-you sleep training plan, you’ll be disappointed. Because this isn’t that.

If you’re expecting me to sleep train your baby for you, my apologies. I can’t do it. In fact, if you’re expecting me to fix your sleep troubles overnight, you’re going to get angry at me, because I can’t do that. (Tinker Bell stole my magic wand, sorry.)

Or if you’re expecting me to tell you which sleep training method to try, you’re going to be disappointed. Because I don’t cover those in much depth – in fact, I barely mention them.


If you’ve got an idea (even just a glimmer of an idea!) as to which kind of sleep method you’d like to use – and you just need some guidance on how to make it actually work?

Then you’re going to love this free course.

Because, no matter which of the many sleep training methods you pick, this course will help you amplify your results. It’ll help you shift your mentality so that you can see the success, the progress, and the light at the end of the tunnel.

Ready to get better sleep?

Seriously. Sleep is amazing. So if you’re ready to get some sleep or you’re already sleep training, why not add some extra, actionable information to help guarantee your successful night’s sleep?

It’s totally free. You’ll be getting ideas, guidance, and tips from a mom who’s not only survived sleep training four VERY difficult sleepers – but is also a trained pediatric emergency nurse.

Seriously! You’ve got nothing to lose – and a whole night’s sleep to gain.

Ready to join me?

You missed the sign up form! Or maybe you’ve got a question – if so, feel free to contact Kimberly (me)