15 Mother’s Day Brunch Dishes Kids Can Actually Make

My siblings and I recently have a fantastic new arrangement – we’ve divvied up present-buying responsibilities for our mom. One sister is in charge of Christmas; another is in charge of Mother’s day; I’m in charge of her birthday. It makes things a lot easier for each of us!

And since my mom’s birthday is only a few days before Mother’s day, it gives me a little bit to think about how I want to answer when my husband asks what I want for Mother’s day. Because preparation is key, folks.

So if you’re hoping for an amazing Mother’s day brunch this year, then here are recipes that you could even pass out to your kids (or husband) for ideas.

Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes for Kids to Make

Okay, so your Mother’s day brunch menu is going to be 100% dependant on what your kids are capable of doing. With my oldest being 7, I’m not going to be able to expect a 5-course brunch even if that were my thing. And my youngest, who just turned one, isn’t going to be much (if any) help. In fact, she’ll probably just try to grab any fruit that she sees. But the other kids? They’re going to be able to help – to some degree.

So these recipes are going to cover a wide range of skills, abilities, and kitchen capabilities. Because maybe you’ve got older kids – and they could cook a fancier brunch for you.

Beginner brunch menus for your smaller chefs

These meals require very little adult help – and next to no big appliance use. If you can trust your child with a spoon, a toaster, or the microwave, then these are the perfect menus for your Mother’s day.

  1. Cold cereal with fruit
  2. Yogurt Parfait – mix a single-serve yogurt (or squeeze a go-gurt out of a tube into a bowl). Add fruit, granola, a spoon, and serve.
  3. Toast with jam (or a bagel with cream cheese)
  4. Instant oatmeal with fruit
  5. Frozen waffles with fruit – or if you’re daring, let them add syrup, too!

The fruit can be gotten out of a can – or can be cut up by a child you trust with a sharp knife. Or, go the easy route: most berries don’t even need to be cut up to look pretty on your plate.

Mid-level menus for older kids

If your kids are a little bit older, then you could fancify things a little bit more for your brunch.

  1. Eggs – let your kids try out some new egg recipes. Maybe you’ll enjoy some eggs cooked sunny-side up, scrambled, eggs benedict, or even an omelet
  2. Muffins – even if it’s just from a mix, muffins are a great way for kids to showcase their mad baking skills for mom. Or, show them a decadent double chocolate muffin recipe
  3. French toast with fruit
  4. Try a fancy, delicious no-bake recipe like this sheet pan lemon yogurt tart
  5. Smoothies – if you’re a fan of morning smoothies, let your kids make you a healthy breakfast milkshake

Fancy brunch menus for aspiring chefs

Or if your kids can be trusted to not accidentally fry the ceiling fan, you may want to let them go a little bit more nuts in the kitchen.

  1. Tell your kids to take your French toast to the next level by making it with homemade cinnamon swirl bread
  2. Belgian waffles with fruit
  3. Ask for this crustless spinach quiche with a side of sausage and fruit
  4. Order fruit-filled crepes with a side of bacon
  5. Ask for a custom-made Yogurt Parfait with homemade granola

More Mother’s day brunch ideas:

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