15 DIY Deck Projects: Build, Remodel, Restore, and Decorate

If you love being outside, is there really a “wrong” time to start planning on making your deck, patio, or backyard even more awesome? I’d vote no, y’all. Because being outside is the best, especially when the weather is great. Whether you’re running through the cold sprinklers with the kids, digging in the warm, rich garden soil, or sitting in the shade watching the kids play, being outside fills a deep need inside each of us. So let’s get some home and garden DIY deck projects and ideas lined up so that we’re ready for this year’s BBQ and outdoor season.

Mmmm… BBQ.

Okay, so we’re also gonna need a list of the best BBQ recipes, aren’t we? But first, let’s make your yard the place to be.

Great DIY Deck Projects of All Sizes

At our last house, we had a small deck. Like, we couldn’t put much of anything on it small. Let’s be honest… it was a glorified, wooden staircase to an equally small concrete patio and the rest of the backyard. Even so, we wanted to make it homey, inviting, and all sorts of awesome. And now that we’ve got a patio that we can actually put a BBQ (and a few toys) on, it’s nice to have some great decorating and DIY improvement ideas and/or projects lined up.

Because while we enjoy being outside, that doesn’t mean we can’t make it even more awesome. So here are some great DIY deck projects and ideas I’ve found.

Need Ideas for that Deck?

Okay, so sometimes it’s important to start with the ideas. There’s a ton of ideas on Pinterest – and if you’re serious about home and garden projects, be sure to follow my Home and Garden Starrs Pinterest Board. I’ve saved a ton of awesome ideas and pictures there.

Another place that gave me some great ideas was here:

Project #1: The Gardening Cook – Porch and Patio Ideas – Relax in Style. They’ve got some great photos and ideas for small yard spaces, wrap-around porches, and garden corners.

But if you’ve already got a deck (or a porch) and it just needs to be renovated or restored, let’s tackle that next.

Renovate or Restore the Deck

There’s a TON of great deck ideas out there. But whether you’re restoring, renovating, or repainting, it’s important to start with the basics: getting that area cleaned up first.

Project #2: Wondermom Wannabe – Four Reasons to Power Wash Your Deck

Why wash it first? Well, a dirty, grimy deck with paint from 5 years ago still peeling off of it isn’t going to renovate nicely. And, you’ll just end up having to repaint it again next year – only then you’ve got 2 or 3 peeling layers of paint to scrape off.

Once it’s cleaned and ready to go, then you’ll get to choose your own adventure. Will you refinish the deck? Will you renovate it? Or are you looking for a faster, quicker option? There’s no wrong answer – it’s just what you’re in the mood for.

If you’re going for the full deck restoration, here’s an in-depth look at how one family handled it all. Here’s projects 3, 4, and 5 – because even though it’s “one” project, there’s an awful lot of steps involved. And depending on how weathered (or new) your deck is, you may or may not need all of these ideas.

Projects #3, 4, and 5: Deck renovation, repair, and painting by The Real Coake Family

If painting isn’t your thing, then sealing (or resealing) the deck could be more your thing. Here’s how to do it – and keep up on it – so that it looks great year after year.

Projects 6 & 7: Cleaning, Sealing, and Resealing by Frugal Family Home

Whew – that’s a whole lot of work! If you’re looking for a faster, more permanent way to keep your deck looking good, then here’s a bonus project for you.

Bonus Project: Using 10X Restore to Restain your deck

Now that your deck looks like new, let’s update the decor, shall we?

Update The Decor

Updating the decor on your deck or patio can give it an instant face lift, even if you opt to skip the actual restoration part of the process. So here are a lot quicker projects to make your patio shine – without all the extra sweating.

Project #8: A Cultivated Nest – DIY Saturday: Spray Paint those Old, Faded Outdoor Cushions

Project #9: A Cultivated Nest – Sprucing up the Deck

Project #10: The Gardening Cook – 11 Tips for Growing a Garden on a Deck

Project #11: A Cultivated Nest – Do it Yourself Day Deck Projects

Project #12: Crafty Morning – DIY Stencil Concrete Patio Rug

Project #13: A Cultivated Nest – DIY Saturday: Painted Concrete Patio

Some of these can be done in just a few minutes. Others could take a few hours – or even a whole Saturday. But they’ll instantly transform your deck (or patio) into a beautiful place to spend your outside time.

Shiny New Patio

Okay, now remember how I mentioned that our last house’s deck was a glorified staircase? And that, at the bottom, it had a ridiculously small concrete pad that somebody decided was a patio? Well, had our yard been more level, I think we’d have been more tempted to enlarge it – or add a second patio. As is, though, we ended up moving. And now we’ve got a good-sized patio at the bottom of our concrete stairs.

But if adding a new patio is appealing, here are projects #14 and 15: making a new patio!

Project #14: Red Cottage Chronicles – Backyard Makeover – Pea Gravel Patio

Project #15: Dagmar’s Home – Our Backyard DIY Pallet Deck with Outdoor Rug

What I love about these two is how simple they look – they look simple enough that even I could do them. With my four little helpers, of course!

What great deck projects do you have – planned, dreamed of, or otherwise?

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